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There is something about the summer sun and warmer weather that makes me want to go lighter and more vibrant all around.  I tend to choose bold colors with my fashion choices and makeup that fit the mode of the summer.  However, I rarely step outside of the box with my hair.  My go-to hairstyle for the summer is typically my luscious, dark brown curls that go from wild and free to “bun-life” on any given day. Therefore, this year, I decided to amp up my hairstyle with the Color & Moisture line from Keratin Color.  I figured I’d interrupt my normal routine with the honey blonde coloring.   While I choose not to dye my real curls, I figured I’d give my extensions a bit of flare for the season.  I tend to give my hair breaks throughout the year with a protective style like wearing a wig.  It helps to give my real hair a break.

In addition, I can be as creative as I want and try something new such as color for the summer! Schwarzkopf Keratin Color + Moisture hair color comes in shades that are suitable for all hair types and textures from straight to wavy, to curly, and even coily.  The product is a professional quality formula that is salon tested and approved and was designed specifically for women of color.  While coloring, the products nourish, moisturize, and protect your hair against damage associated with coloring.  The products also encompass an enhanced K-Bond Plex, which repairs inner hair structure and coats the hair surface after the coloration process for strong and healthy-looking hair.
PEARL-2.jpg PEARL-4.jpg

While this is professional quality hair dye, you can get the job done for your hair at home using their easy instructions.  The full processing time is 45 minutes.  Each of the products is numbered so that you can stay on track. First, you need to put on the plastic gloves in the instruction leaflet. Cover your clothes with an old towel or wear something you don’t mind getting dirty.  Also, keep a watch or clock nearby. Step 1: Apply the Pre-Color Serum, which helps to even out the color result from root to tip.


Step 2: Take the applicator bottle (labeled 2b) and pour in the color cream (labeled 2a) and the blonde activator.  Then, mix it by rolling the bottle horizontally between your hands and then shaking the bottle vigorously between your hands. PEARL-8.jpg PEARL-7.jpg

Step 3: Apply the mixture all over your hair or however you would like for the color to appear. (Ombre, just tips of the hair, etc.) Leave this on for 45 minutes.  If you’re wanting a deeper blonde, you may have to do this twice.


Step 4: After the processing time is complete, apply warm water to the hair and work into a lather.  Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Lastly, it is wise to use the K-BOND- PLEX Conditioner to complete your coloring process to ensure damage protection and ultimate nourishment whether you are dyeing your real hair or extensions.  If this is your first time dyeing your hair, you may have to dye it twice to achieve a lighter shade of honey blonde. From my experience, lightening my hair using this product gave me the complementary summer element that I was looking for. This product works wonders and there’s an extra $5 off (CVS ExtraBucks Rewards) when you spend $20 on Schwarzkopf Keratin Color + Moisture hair.

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