Your mother has been shoveling you around for years.  The two of you or in my case, my mom plus four other kids and my dad have been on the trip of a lifetime for years.  With that many people and places to go, communication was always the wildest in my house!

Growing up it seems as if you don’t have the time to exchange conversations as much because you’re developing and your parents are teaching. Better yet, you simply don’t have the life knowledge to relate to them on that level.  You think you’re grown, but you’re really not! Then, one day, you grow up, and you suddenly have the same problems or situations that only your parents can identify with you in regards too!  So, if you get the chance, take your mom on a road trip and divulge and digress on all you’re both seemingly and simultaneously carrying in this life.

I took my mom to St. Louis for the weekend to the Four Seasons Hotel.  My older sister Valerie June is an entertainer and had a tour stop there so I decided it would be a perfect and much-needed getaway with my mom to meet my sister out on the road.  After long days, we met up in at my house in Nashville to begin our journey around 5:30p.m.  We got on the road and made our way along for the first 45 minutes catching up on the daily happenings of life.  She’d sat in traffic on the way to Nashville.  I’d been debriefing her on some blog stuff. Then, we stopped in Clarksville, TN to grab Starbucks.  This was my choice of course because if it were left up to my mother, she would be at the local gas station for the dollar coffee and back on the road.  Here’s where we teach each other!  While it’s cheaper, it’s not always better.  Ha! Plus, I know she does that all the time so I wanted to treat her to a few of my new taste bud appeasers.  These are the kind of exchanges you make when you’re both grown women sharing your sentiments.

We continued on down the road enjoying questions and answers of one another and then brief moments of silence.  We reached an exit, and my mom said, “I remember this.  Daddy came up here and got a bunch of bricks from up here.”  So, the conversation shifted to reminisce, but also to wonder.  I asked, “Do you ever wonder what he’s doing wherever he is?”  In my head, I’m saying it like mom can call him up and tell him to come back as if I’m 3 years old and not quite comprehending that he’s not coming back.  Then, she says, “Life is a mystery.  You devote your whole life to someone or something, and then, they’re gone.”  I say, “But you gain a lot too.  You’ve five kids, their spouses and their kids to add to the consistent chaos that we know so well!”  You see, as a mother and daughter, you help each through the stages of life even better when you’re both adults and can really understand and share sentiments.

For the rest of the four hour trip to St. Louis, we laughed out loud, listened to music and she questioned my driving and switching the music a million times.  Being present in the moment allowed me to collect some memories that I will never forget and one day, I’ll be driving to St.Louis with my daughter and telling her about that time Grammy (my mom’s grandma name), and I rolled the interstate from Nashville to St.Louis. Perhaps, she’ll still be here for round 2!

So, we made it our final destination and the weekend began!  Mom says, “What’s a Four Seasons?  I made yall stay wherever when you were growing up!”  Folks, this is so true! Ha!  Literally wherever.  Even if it meant sleeping in the bed of my dad’s 18-wheeler while he was on the road working and picking up bricks.  So, we waltzed into the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis and were greeted graciously by the doormen.  Then, we made our way to our home away from home on the 17th floor.  The room was absolutely beautiful and comforting.  Making herself right at home, mom unpacked all of her clothes into the hotel drawers and closet! I laughed because growing up, she’d always make sure we never let any of our belongings touch the hotel floors or bedspreads!


FSSTL Arch View Room.jpg

We ventured out into the hotel to experience the Cinder House Bar and enjoy the rooftop pool view of the city. Then, we headed out to Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar.   There we enjoyed a charcuterie board and a glass of Rosé, but I’m not supposed to tell you that because well mom would rather I not let anyone know! HA!  The convenience of the Four Seasons is everything because it located right on the Mississippi River.  It’s also connected to the Lumière Place Casino.  Mom and I did go there as well.  I even sat down and had a conversation with a man who told me he’d gambled over 1 million dollars during his lifetime.


Cinder House Bar

FSSTL Pool.jpgFriday evening, we stayed up until 2a.m. in the morning talking and laughing.  The next morning, we made our way to the most ethereal experience in all of St.Louis, the Four Seasons Spa.  There we enjoyed a couple’s massage and then, relaxing time with champagne and another charcuterie board and front row seats to the Mississippi River and the Gateway Arch.  I’ve been to quite a few spas in my lifetime, and this one was the best yet!  P.S., I always love going to the spa with my mom because she has a genuine appreciation for the entire experience.  Growing up she’d say, rub some muscle rub on it and keep it pushing! Ha!  I love the sentiments we share and how we merge them as mother and daughter the older I get.





We later ventured to the radio station where my sister was doing an interview.  Then, to the Duckroom at Blueberry Hill to prepare for my sister’s show!  We roamed the neighborhood and came across the best restaurant called Salt + Smoke. It was just what we needed to debrief hours on the road and a relaxing day at the spa and media ventures with my sister.  We’d heard St.Louis was known for BBQ, but we didn’t believe it because where we live in Tennessee (Nashville, Mom lives in Jackson and Memphis is home too)  is precisely where some of the best southern food exists!  Oh, but this place put the soul in their food!  We enjoyed a hearty meal of pulled chicken, mac and cheese and green beans over more laughs and love.



Soon after dinner, we joined the crowds of people down Delmar Blvd. in St. Louis.  Many of which were making their way to Valerie‘s soldout show and very excited about it!  I must say, my mom couldn’t have known that life would take her on these adventures with her daughters and that’s the beauty of it!  I’m grateful.  This is precisely why I’m encouraging you all to take a moment to enjoy life with your parents! I know first hand that you don’t have them always so make memories while you do!


Special thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel St.Louis.  Nashvillians, Memphians, Louivillians, and all of those surrounding this area, this hotel is literally a few hours away from you and the perfect oasis for a comfortable and quick getaway! All 48 hours that I had there with my mom was worth the four-hour drive from Nashville.



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