An imitation of life is exactly why I have a self-titled blog. There is something enriching and authentic about sharing my experiences with the world. I write about a vast array of topics that I have faced, will face or am willing to face! My blog is about capturing my best- self through words and imagery! I’m looking for guest bloggers to do the same thing.  Maybe your blog is flourishing.  Maybe you’re not a blogger and just have a cool story you want to share.  Maybe you want to get started blogging.  If so, I’d love to share your story with my audience.  P.S. I will be doing all of the editings.


The purpose of my blog is to share stories of a Sweet Life! I want you to share your trials and triumphs with a broad audience. Let’s work together to inspire and uplift through transparent testimonies. Blog submissions will include, but not be limited to Travel, Beauty, Business, Relationships, Marriage, Single Life, Dating Life, Health and Wellness, Finance, Politics, Pop Culture, Lifestyle and more! I believe in a good story and a happy ending!

If you are interested, submit your blog for consideration here.

After you submit, I will review and accept or decline.   If accepted, there may be some edits to make!  We will make magic together and produce a masterpiece.  You will need to follow the guidelines below.

Writer’s Guidelines are as follows: 

  • 400-800 words
  • No profanity
  • 4-7 pictures (Include credits for pictures.)
  • Inspirational – Even if it is a dire matter, please tell us something sweet!
  • Share on at least 2 social media channels: Twitter, IG (IG Stories Welcome), Facebook.  The post should say something like, “Check out my latest blog post with @JasmineKatrina “True Life I’m Planning to Travel the World Starting in the Summer of 2018.”” or “I partnered with @JasmineKatrina to talk about the best date night beauty trends!”
    • Social tags:
      • IG: @JasmineKatrina
      • Facebook: Jasmine Hockett Sweet
      • Twitter: @JasmineKatrina
  • If the blog is featured on another site, please note at the bottom of that particular blog that it is also published on JasmineSweet.Blog and use the blog badge featured below.



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