There is no need to spend massive amounts of money or time on Christmas decor. You can decorate the minimalist way and chose a few meaningful items to add holiday cheer to your home.

My husband and I went on the Kinimi Kitchen Show with Kirbee Miller.  Watch our episode to see us throw down in the kitchen!  We are making Sweet Potato Pie and Carmel Apple Pie.  You don’t want to miss the good conversation as we make a sweet masterpiece fit to serve a king!  

This interview with Coins Over Gossip talks about the many challenges minority women face in the workforce.  Cassandra Holdsclaw, HR Manager; Jasmine Sweet, Marketing Manager; and Ashley Williams, Pharmacist divulge on some of their own experiences. You don’t want to miss this one.  They’ve got some advice to share. 

When I moved in with my husband, our house was pink just as mine has always been.  That had to change.  I partnered with Ashley Williams, Pharm Decor blogger to make this happen.  She transformed our bedroom into a happy haven.  Watch this VLOG to see how she worked magic with a $200 budget.