I get it. It’s Miami, and the weather is pretty much perfect all year round, so you only want to visit the beaches or lay by the pool.  However, I discovered on my last trip that there is much more to this sunny oasis at the most southern tip of Florida.  Generally, I lodge in the Biscayne Bay area when visiting Miami, which is located downtown closer to the business district.  Each time I go, I take a short taxi ride across the bay to South Beach to explore all of it’s glory from the crystal beaches to the happenings along Ocean Drive.

This time, I made my way over to the Kimpton Angler Hotel located in the heart of the famous Art Deco district.  This sunny sanctuary is the perfect location as it is just a quick walk to local restaurants, Ocean Drive must see and the beach.  The best part of this centrally located hotel is it’s resort style accommodations.  The rooms were spacious and luxuriously plush.  The lobby was a peace offering for a home away from home.  The warm tones of the interior design and neon lighting elicited Miami vibes.  If you’ve ever been to South Beach, many of the hotels are vacation spots for the club goers and perhaps even bachelors and bachelorettes!  If we’re honest, Ocean Drive can get pretty rambunctious, but the Kimpton Angler offers a sensational and secluded experience of rest and relaxation.



Day one, I ventured down to the lobby for a buffet breakfast of quiche, pastries, fruits, and more.  Each day, guests are treated to a happy hour, which adds to the serenity of the atmosphere.  Guests may also venture to on property workout classes, or enjoy the pool rooftop which gives an impressive view towards the ocean as well as downtown.

After indulging in the morning goodies, I sipped my warm Cuban coffee as I reveled in my room’s harmonious disposition.  The doorbell rang, and it was the massage therapist coming in to relieve all tension that could’ve been left.  Yes, you read that right.  You can get in-room massages at Kimpton Angler’s, and they are so relaxing and refreshing.  I enjoyed the Citrus Bliss Massage which focused on stimulating circulation and reviving the muscles and tissues!  If you work as hard as I go through workouts and daily functioning, then I am a firm believer in treating yourself accordingly!  Massages are an excellent self-care mechanism.  


So, now that you know where to stay, here are some options other than the beach for your Miami vacation!



If there were ever a time that you needed some inspiration, the design district does just that.  While it might be composed of luxury shopping that only the affluent can afford, it is welcoming of all with its vibrant colors and creative landscaping.  This area is home to some of the best artistry you could ever experience.  Be sure to stop by the Fendi to view the storefront design that will enrapture your childhood fancy!


Moreover, while you’re enthralled by the visuals, make sure to visit the Dior Cafe.  It’s the perfect location for a quick snack and a coffee re-up.  The secret place is located on the rooftop of the Dior store, so don’t get intimidated by the fancy things downstairs and miss out on the experience that awaits.



Just down the street from the Kimpton Angler is the Faena.  This place is absolutely stunning with its decor and exotic detail.  If you’re looking for a brunch location with a view, this place is just that.  I’d recommend an early brunch and then enjoy the landscaping.  It almost feels like you’re walking through a museum with the mammal skeleton in a platinum gold case.  This Instagrammable location is ideal for an adventurous stop in Miami.


For brunch, I enjoyed a Breakfast Burrito (organic scrambled eggs, chicken apple sausage, piquillo pepper, aged cheddar) and Cleanser Juice (lime, ginger, lemon, and agave.)  Both were delicious, but I’m sure everyone can find something appealing on their menu! 

Check out the full menu here.



If you’re seeking a cultural, yet lavish experience in a mansion, you should definitely note this place as somewhere to travel.  It is the home of French native and Chicago businessman, James Deering.  “He was a retired millionaire and a bachelor in his early fifties when he undertook the challenge to build this elaborate estate in South Florida. He was afflicted with pernicious anemia, a condition for which doctors recommended sunshine and a warm climate: Vizcaya became the place where he hoped to restore his health.”  When you see it, you’ll completely understand why.  The grounds are full of tropical, sunny elements while maintaining a level of regality that can only be experienced in person.  From the botanical gardens to the waterfront to barge to the teahouse and more, it may seem unfathomable that someone could even create a home as such.  If you’re looking to do a photoshoot here, they do charge a photography fee.  Otherwise, just go and enjoy the experience and sneak in photos where you can.



If you’re anything like me, you love to hear rap songs talking about Versace, but you also enjoy gazing at the star who wear it on red carpets!  Moreover, you probably watched the entire FX series “The Assination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.”  So after all of these sentiments, I had to make a stop by the Versace Mansion!  My blogger friends and I scheduled dinner at the location, and it was nothing short of amazing.  To date, it is a hotel and restaurant (The Villa Casa Casuarina Hotel) with such astonishing architecture and rich detail that you can only imagine what the lavish abode once looked like.  The Versace Mansion was used by his many of Gianni’s close friends and family members. If you go to dinner here, you might just imagine yourself as just that as you revel in the eclectic, yet electric vibes of the interior design.

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