Summer is officially in session, but you’re still handling business as usual.  Monday through Friday, you’re navigating the week’s tasks as best you can.  You’re longing for those summer day’s that you lived for back in grade school that you may no longer have access to in the adulting world!  That is unless you’re a teacher and getting the duly deserved summer sabbatical.   However, if you’ve got the “Workin’ Woman Blues”, this summer, be sure to #ChaseYourSun too!

After spending the week in the office, I go for any activity outside under the sun’s rays.  I like to take my time getting up on a Saturday morning.  This is the moment that I lay off of the caffeine and allow myself to simply relax.  With so many outdoorsy activities to embark on, I contemplate my choices according to how I’m feeling about the day’s fashion!  I know this sounds crazy, but this is the time when I get to be creative with my style and my makeup!  Instead of rushing to get dressed in business attire to beat traffic and get to work on time, I have the opportunity to slow down and curate my looks of the day from my hair to my shoes!

For look number one, I decided to go with an Evereve, Neon Bodycon Dress.  This dress is perfect for the summer moral.  The color automatically brighten’s your day.  People tend to stray away from bright colors during the summer.  However, I recommend making sure that the material is thick and comfortable.  The last thing you would want is a thin material that show’s sweat marks or undergarments.  I ventured to the farmer’s market for fresh flower’s in this summer chic casual piece.  As I walked through the market goers, many stopped to admire the color!  It’s amazing how fashion can serve as a pick me up for you and for others.  Perhaps this is exactly why I choose my summer weekend activities based off of my outfit!





For look number two, I went with the Raga Endless Love Pom Pom top (off the shoulder) and a Seven for All Mankind white skirt! These are the perfect pieces for a patio brunch setting with girlfriends or Mr.Sweet.  This outfit can for sure help you get your summer sun fix without strappy suntan lines.  I always find it funny when I’m wearing something strappy and I end up with tan lines just from being in the sun for a brief period.  The Tennessee sun will do it to you! I love strapless anything!






This summer, I encourage you to take charge of your summer with some fun looks that you might not ordinarily try!  You’ll be surprised how much confidence the right outfit can give you for any occasion! #ChaseYourSun with Evereve!

Here’s to summer brunches!  Here is to lots of time spent at the Farmer’s Market or a park.  Here’s to hiking or bike rides!  Here’s to laughing at picnics and barbeques.  Here’s to embracing summer fashions that suite your soul!  Have a happy Summer 2018!




  1. Love these looks! You look great in all of them. I also love summertime and love to get out and enjoy the sun rays.

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