“We love Dallas!  So many people are moving here and it’s super affordable!  I’ve been able to buy a house at a decent price! I’ve been able to enjoy life in the city.  We’ve gotten so many new opportunities since moving here.”  These are just a few statements from my three best friends and two cousins who have all recently moved to Dallas!  At any rate, millennials are making moves to cities that offer an array of incentives from good jobs, reasonable cost of living, good entertainment, easy navigation, opportunities for advancement and more.  We’re not just moving to the city across the way.  We’re going to places that appease the soul even if just to visit.  That’s exactly what my husband and I did in just 3 days.  While we love Nashville (a lateral and equally successful city in the south), we had to see what this metroplex city was all about!  


We started our journey on a Wednesday evening from Nashville to Memphis.  Enterprise rental cars provided us with a smooth ride for the 9-hour journey!  We had the cutest Nissan Rogue to carry us the entire way!  We drove across West Tennessee and then through Arkansas and then on to Dallas!  Road trips are always fun in a “New” car!  There’s something about driving something different that adds that extra excitement to your journey! Plus you aren’t worried about the typical woes associated with driving your own vehicle! 


Upon arriving in Dallas, we settled in at a friends house where my husband and I took turns recording on the “Speak Between The Lines Podcast.” My episode was entitled “The Sweet Science of Entrepreneurship.”  After 9 hours in the car, And debriefing the matter with my husband, I had a lot of advice to relinquish on this one so you should totally check it out! 

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Downtown Dallas is in the heart of the city.  Believe it or not, some cities don’t offer this centralized location luxury.  This is the best part because whatever we wanted to do was within radius! We stayed at the AC Hotel Dallas Downtown!  It was the perfect place for our weekend getaway.  It’s minimalistic approach to decor was exactly how I like to decorate my own house! We felt right at home with the wood finishes and warm tones.  




We even indulged in the sweetest delights at the hotel’s happy hour!  The savory cheese plate was our favorite snack before hitting the town again.  Edits.jpg

Dallas has some of the best pool parties!  They aren’t Vegas wild, but they still offer a little bit of rage and a whole lot of southern charm.  We attended a night pool party at Adolphus Hotel.  During the day, we hung out at Waterproof Dallas.  Water calms my soul, so having this option in any city is worth my travels there! 


There are so many daily activities in Dallas because the weather is impeccably delightful.  We started our ventures getting a top-notch view of Dallas from Reunion Tower.  If a city offers an aerial view from the sky, I say take it!  There’s nothing like feeling closer to God.  


Later on, we settled in at Klyde Warren Park for snowcones and line dancing!  On the hottest day in Texas, you should make your way to this park for a run through the sprinklers and a live show of people watching.


Dallas has some amazing restaurants!  Wing Bucket offers all of the bad cravings you could wonder about on a diet from loaded French fries to Mac and Cheese.  We enjoyed brunch at Over Easy.  It wasn’t overcrowded or lines down the street like tourist attractions back home in Nashville.  After a night out on the town with my cousins, we found ourselves at Zennas at 2:30am for a nightcap of Thai food!  Our taste buds were settled and we were ready for a good, peaceful night of sleep back at AC Hotel Dallas Downtown! 

Lunch at Wing Bucket
Brunch at Over Easy

As our time in Dallas was coming to an end, we had our farewell dinner at Haywire at Legacy West.  Life truly makes it hard for us to see our friends and family.  This dinner brought my three best friends, their husbands, kids, my husband and I together as if it were Thanksgiving dinner.  Moments like this make you cherish your life a little more.  It makes that road-trip of 9 hours over two days a little less tedious.  I encourage you all to not just visit Dallas, but to truly get out and enjoy life! Have dinner with friends.  Go explore somewhere new.  Watch kids at the park without a care in the world!  Explore a new place.  Be more tired than you already are just to live and love a little harder. 

Until next time Dallas, I love you! 

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