Each season, once the weather settles in, I tend to switch out my wardrobe.  It’s a tedious routine of pulling out labeled bins and trying on clothes worn 4-5 months prior.  Moreover, I’m learning in the latter half of my 20-something’s that my body changes from week to week, if not daily.  So when I pull out last seasons looks, I’ve found myself somewhat discouraged to find that the fits in my curvy areas don’t agree with me anymore.  At which point, I force myself into body image pity parties or rigorous workouts at the gym.  When all the while, the truth is, they probably weren’t the best fit to begin with.  I’ll look back on pictures wearing particular outfits and admire the sneaky way I posed just to hide all my sins.  Then, I calm down.

The reality is that clothes made in bulk that you’re buying from your local retailer may not always be the perfect fit for your body type unless they offer some elasticity.  So, if you’re that frustrated girl trying on clothes in the dressing room, it’s not you!  Go easy on yourself.  You may just have to go in a different direction.  My shopping methodology in the past used to be to buy a bunch of cute outfits on sale.  Now, I invest in quality pieces that fit well and will last past the 4-5 month season.  Most times, I go for pieces that are purposefully curated to fit my body proportions.

It was an easy Saturday morning as I was swiping through countless Instagram blocks when I stumbled upon Sevier Skirts.  Initially, I was captivated by the styles of the skirts.  Then, I was curious as to why a company would just focus on designing skirts and not blouses and dresses and pants and more alike.  Why not do the whole shebang?! Thereof, I did more research to find out that the mission of this company is to embrace women of all sizes and shapes and dress them accordingly in skirts.  In a day and age where we can’t be perfect enough, I was excited to see a company that designs custom fits for every shape of a woman from boxy, curvy, tall, petite, broad, narrow and the list goes on.  In truth, some major designer wear doesn’t even offer this array!  The best part is, you don’t have to be humiliated in a dressing room and nearly walking out in tears.

Truth moment:  I’ve tried on clothes in stores and ranged in size from an 8-14.  That’s how deranged and disproportionate some retailer’s clothes can be.  It’s not that they aren’t nice clothes, but they’re tricky!  I, recently, ordered a 1x from a company because they’re sizing were so off.  The thought of that increase in variety made me feel indifferent about my body.  An even better example, my wedding dress was a size 16!  When you’ve been taught to live everything by numbers, you can’t help but feed into the negativity when it’s coupled with societies expectations of “less is more or the smaller the better for women’s sizing.”

The best thing I can tell you is that you are you and you’re the best YOU ever created!  Sevier Skirts celebrates that from the moment you visit their website.  It’s a simple process.  First off, you’re greeted by a slogan that says “We don’t believe in sizes.”  You can’t get more body positive than that!  So, I encourage you to let those numbers go and find a custom fit worth your mental peace!  The website homepage is covered with real women with real testimonies as to how well-made these skirts are!

Better yet, these skirts are not only designed to fit well, but they feel splendid.  They’re made of Western European textile houses.  The fabric is of the highest quality in the weave, color combinations, and uniqueness.  My mother is an avid sewer of many years so she’s taught me what to look for in terms of quality fabric.  I always read labels or product descriptions when shopping online!  Knowing what textiles work best for you can work wonders in the way you dress your body.  I can 100% attest to these skirts sumptuous and fine feel.  This Nashville business, started by Suzanne Sevier Rowland in 2004 has custom designed over 50,000 skirts for women all over the world!  The trusted designer is a goto for repeat clients of the beautiful skirts.  They’ve been said to last for years at a time!


I wasted no time buying into this revolutionary experience and ordered my “Home Try-On Kit!”  Even in this seamless process, you answer questions about your preference from above the knee to below the knee to curvy, straight, typical skirt size and more.  The questionnaire gets an accurate consensus of your proclivity.  Within a few days, you receive your kit with custom try-on samples.  I received four different skirts with measurements close to my preferred fit.  Amongst trying on all of the skirts and a FaceTime call with the designer -Suzanne, we came up with the exact measurements for the perfect fit.  Also in the kit are a stack of the finest fabrics to choose from!  You’ll get a first-hand feel of the vibrancy and textures of the materials.  I sent my kit back to Sevier Skirts with comfort in knowing that I’d receive extraordinary pieces.

With June’s heat blazing, I couldn’t wait to receive my new skirts because there is nothing worse than ill-fitting clothing on a hot summer day!  It’s exactly the time we crave comfort the most.  We’ve all experienced the riding up skirts and the bunched, twisted or gapped waist.  It’s a no go!


Within days, my skirts arrived!  Let me just tell you, they fit like a glove getting ready to scoop up a handful of confidence!  I loved them.  Shopping for items in the store may give us all the rush we need for our retail fix.  It may give us some trendy items that we can make memories in.  However, I can assure you there is no greater feeling than a tailor-made piece that will carry you through timeless transactions!

In retrospect, I’m completely fine getting rid of those old clothes in my last season’s bin if I can wear pieces that genuinely hug my body physically, emotionally and mentally! Oh, the power of a Sevier Skirt!

To learn more about Sevier Skirts, go here!



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