Road-trips are usually done spare at the moment.  Truthfully, you’re willing to stay anywhere just to get away.  If you’re anything like me, the typical search starts somewhere in the radius of a travel site like Expedia or Hotels Tonight in search of the best accommodations.  In accordance, you are frantically reading customer reviews and consulting with your nonchalant travel buddy or in my case, Mr.Sweet (my husband) to see if you should chance a certain hotel or not.  Once you’ve done all of your debatings, you come to a consensus. If the whole reason you’re trying to get away is to relax, why not go somewhere to sincerely do just that.  Just when my search had been exhausted and my fear of bedbugs, hotel construction projects, and inconvenient locations had almost made me say “let’s just stay home,  I stumbled upon The Whitley, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Atlanta Buckhead.

Here lately, boutique style hotels have been my preference considering they’re usually void of the hustle and bustle of other hotels.  Surprisingly, the pricing of these hotels is generally the same or less.  Many of them offer unique experiences that are real treats when you decide to stay!  I’ve always loved hotels ever since I was a kid.  It’s the adventure of staying somewhere other than home that makes you want to explore and experience!  My sister, mom and I used to travel with my daddy to his construction jobs.  One night we stayed at a hotel and my sister and my bed fell in (as in the bed frame collapsed), and we slept on the mattress on the floor.  It was so funny and the 4 of us laughed the entire night.  We still laugh about it! Moreover, I’ve never stopped liking to travel and experience all that a hotel has to offer!


Over 72-Hours, we ventured throughout the halls of The Whitley.  The recently rebranded hotel is a true southern gem.  The hotel is full of personality that greets you as soon as you drive up.  Well before you walk through the foyer doors, you are greeted by the most gentle chauffeurs who open your car doors and unpack your car before you can even gather yourself!  The southern hospitality immediately puts you at ease.   From that moment forward you know you’re in for a real treat.  As we wandered into the hotel, we were greeted by more hotel staff offering delights from the coffee bar to guides in the area.  This hotel sits in an awesome location just across from Phipps Plaza and Lenox Mall.  It’s a short Uber drive from downtown.  The best part is, if you didn’t want to leave the hotel at all, you don’t have too.  It’s resort style accommodations will appease you suitably.  Those include a serene spa, fitness center, a delightful pool, restaurants, a club level concierge and more.  If you do happen to venture out into the well known Buckhead area, you’ll be offered a ride within a 2-mile radius by a personal chauffeur.

Preferred Image_Trade Root_Lounge_preview


We arrived at a suite on the 9th floor and immediately sank into relaxation mode.  The typical worries of “what are we going to do?” or “where should we eat?” were completely obsolete.  As far as we were concerned, we didn’t need to leave the luxury at all.  Our suite was complete with a chair swing, exercise equipment, lovely bedding, 2 bathrooms and my favorite – chocolate covered strawberries!



As evening approached, we made our way to the hotel restaurant, Trade Root Atlanta.  We were treated to gourmet delights including Zucchini Cakes and Filet of Beef and so much more.  We had course after course of deliciously curated dishes.  By course number 4, it’s safe to say we were stuffed like we’d just left Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.  It wasn’t your typical fancy restaurant where you feel like you should make a stop at a fast-food restaurant on your way home.  It was delightful and filling alike.   Multiple members of the staff consistently stopped by to ensure that we were enjoying the ambiance and the savory sensations.



On Saturday Morning, we made our way to the pool deck area.  It is truly a serene view for an indoor/outdoor pool setting.  The beautifully lit area makes you feel like you’re on an island at a resort.  As the afternoon set-in, we found ourselves still hanging out in the area having lunch delivered and simply relaxing.  If you venture out onto the deck area, you’ll have a perfect view of Buckhead’s high-rises.  This view of the city gives you that rush that you need to get back out on the town!  Later in the day, we went to the Atlanta SkyView Ferris wheel where we were mesmerized with a 20-story view of downtown.  That evening we were out on the town for a night of fun only to be greeted by the comfort of The Whitley upon our return!

The Whitley_Pool_preview

On Sunday morning, we visited the Club Level Concierge on the 18th floor.  As soon as you step off of the elevator, you’re met with an exclusive aura, but an inclusive staff welcoming you into a breakfast bar stocked with everything from fruits and veggies to eggs and gourmet treats.  This concierge is open every day.  Guest are treated to breakfast, lunch and evening delights during certain hours.  You may grab a coffee or specialized drinks at any point through the day.  Instead of spending all that money at a coffee shop or going out to brunch, you can enjoy the likes right at home in The Whitley.  This hotel truly knows how to settle one in and send one off in solace.  To check out more of the hotel, watch my VLOG.


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