“Summer time and the living is easy” or so you think until yard work takes it’s toll on your body.  Better yet, the rigorous effects of extensive exercise for that summer body set in.  To top it off, everyday stress tends to subconsciously seep into our bodies making it hard for us to even imagine what it feels like to truly relax.  We long for a soothing walk on the beach or even a glass of wine to appease us.  When really, the issue may be a bit deeper.  Deep tissue that is.  Sometimes there are things the sun and the beach can’t altogether fix.  Perhaps, it is time you take advantage of some self time and book a massage.

I, recently, made my way over to Adagio Nashville for 90 minutes of recovery.  The reality is that the average person spends at minimum 40 hours on a computer per week.  Tack on an additional 5 hours per day tuned into our phones according to Tech Crunch.  We’re not just plugged in.  We’re hunched over, eyes strained and posture perched in the name of work or technology.  We’d be doing ourselves a true disservice to miss out on one hour of pure relaxation.  You can’t exactly sit on your phone or computer while you’re under the care of a massage therapist. These service oriented individuals are highly trained to provide an ethereal experience worth every second of your 50 minute+ session.


When I arrived at Adagio Spa, I’d been at work since 7am.  Eleven hours later and barely making it through hump day, my husband and I were greeted with the most intriguing and pleasant massage therapists.  When choosing a spa, you’ll definitely want to go to a spa that presents a well-rounded experience from the therapists to the setting.  Adagio‘s therapists understood the meaning of relaxation and the methodology that goes into every aspect from providing the perfect spa scene to the actual movements that loosen you up.  They placed us in our private couple’s massage room and allowed us to debrief our day’s happenings with one another as we sipped a cocktail.  We were then advised on the wealth of benefits we would reap after the next 90 minutes of treatment.   Massages can alleviate a plethora of issues ranging from simple body discomfort to anxiety to insomnia to blood circulation and more.


Getting a massage can be a clueless experience if you’ve never given yourself this gift!  You might wonder quite a few things such as eating before you go or what do you wear. Here are some rules of thumb that I follow before I go: Shower, shave my legs, no perfume, lounge clothes, and lots of water.  Do a normal routine of taking care of yourself before you go and let them handle the rest.

I’ll guide you on some things that I look for in a good spa and a therapist.  The spa I chose Adagio is a hidden gem that has a quaint and quiet atmosphere.  It wasn’t bustling with people coming in and out as we embraced the realm.  The massage industry has become saturated with a new massage therapy clinic on every shopping center corner.  From my own experience, those have been the one’s that are bustling with people in and out all day long. While you’re in the middle of a massage you can hear everything going on from the transactions at the front desk to the treatment in the next room.  If you’re looking for something fast and easy, I think it’s fine to go there.  However, if you’re looking for a true adult time out, I’d recommend a spa that’s very clandestine.  Adagio – Nashville provided just that.  It is located just off of Nashville’s Music Row.  The location at the foot of Music Row pays homage to those who truly called music ‘home’.  Hence, the melodious experience you’ll have at this spa or a like spa!



If you think for five minutes that you are unworthy of such an experience, I’d say you owe it to yourself.   Many people feel self conscious about getting a massage.  Some will say that’s only for rich people.  This is a massage myth debunked.  Anyone looking to simply relax needs to take the extra hour to obtain this kind of physical, mental and emotional peace.  Our massage therapist at Adagio gave us custom works with their muscle magic hands.  My husband and I communicated our ailments and we reaped the extraordinary benefits.  Having an honest conversation with your massage therapist is an absolute must.  Treat it as if you are talking to your doctor.  The holistic movements that they use to ease your concerning conditions may just leave you in awe.  However, if you don’t communicate, they won’t know what exact pressure points they need to maneuver in order to provide some relief.

You can expect to feel miraculously better after having a massage!  I’ve rarely come in contact with anyone who’d say otherwise.  Adagio allowed us some time back in our couple’s massage lounge to enjoy a sweet delight and relax even more.  This is an experience you may not get at the typical massage therapy clinic as they’re probably rushing to get the next appointment in!  So, go ahead and book your appointment today! Take the time you need to heal your mind, body and soul!





  1. I seriously need one! I’ve been working out like crazy and my body is screaming at me lol. I haven’t been to Adagio but I’ll look to book with them next.

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