It might be mentally taxing to find your way off the couch or out of the bed to go workout, but the benefits are beyond your wildest dreams.  According to CNN, “inside your head, there are about 86 billion neurons designed to bark orders to the rest of your body — all with the help of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters regulate everything from your mood and sleep cycle, to memory and appetite… Studies show that low levels of two of these neurotransmitters in particular, glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), can lead to mood disorders such as depression. Moderate exercise can increase these levels, according to a recent study in The Journal of Neuroscience.”

Not only are we dealing with happenings within our body that can’t readily control, but we’re also dealing with a plethora of external issues that can bog us down too.  Insecurities, relationship problems, job situations and more are tugging our strings like puppets if we allow it.  Some of us are struggling just to make the short walk to the coffee pot in the morning or to find the gumption to finish yesterday’s to-do list.  Life is serving us new task each day and we have to learn best practices for coping.  Instead of rehearsing toxic thoughts in our head’s, let’s try embarking on daily “Power Hours.”  At least this is how I refer to my hour or more of workout time that I get in at least 4 day’s a week.  Not only has it aided in my physical health, but it has also tremendously fine-tuned my mental and emotional health as well!  However, there are strategies that I like to adhere to in order to reap all of the benefits of a gratifying workout.


Stress manipulates us to degrees that we aren’t 100% aware of.  If you aren’t conscious of your moods, I encourage to start paying attention and act accordingly.  There are methods to combat them.  The first step is to recognize them and then rectify them.

  1. Choose a workout that works off the Aggression. 

    Every Tuesday, I burst through the doors of my gym ready to let some aggression out!  I have two set workouts that I’ll choose from – Kickboxing (Strike) or Warrior Sculpt.  Each is high-intensity cardio mixed with weights, lots of breathing and woosahs!  I, generally, start Monday with my best foot forward.  By Tuesday, I yearning for Friday.  Doing these type of workouts allow me to release any pinned up aggression and coast steadily throughout the rest of the week!

  2. Talk to Yourself

    There is no better time than to talk to yourself then while you’re working out.  In most cases, you’re challenging yourself to new heights and could use some internal coaching.  You’re already in fight or flight mode.  Instead of giving up on that last set or that last few minutes, find some keywords and repeat them to yourself.  Recite a scripture over and over again if you need to!  Call your name aloud!  Sing along to your favorite motivational workout song.  Let out some grunts.

  3. Be A Front Row Student

    Arrive at your workout class a little early and have a conversation with your the instructor about your level of fitness.  I always let my instructors know that I would like my form to be corrected as they walk around and that I am completely fine with them yelling at me to keep going.  Often times when they see me slowing down, they come right up beside me and coach me back into the zone.  Being in the front of the class is the old methodology that still works!  You’re absorbing more and you’re getting the attention from the instructor that you need to become a better you!  If you’re working out by yourself, text a partner to send you affirming words that will pop up on your cell as your blazing the treadmill away!

  4. Choose Different Activities Each Day 

    Keeping a fresh attitude and perspective means that you have to change things up sometimes.  I navigate from yoga to cycling to kickboxing to the elliptical to boot camp and more!  Knowing that I am working my body in different way’s is my way of accomplishing a physical goal.  Therefore, I want to come back and do even more!

  5. Manifest Destiny

    Envisioning where you want to be in life is so real!  While I’m moving my body is when I dive deep into my imagination of where I see my life going.  I can’t tell you how many of my affirmations have turned into opportunities!  The law of attraction is real!  While you’re working out, try to take a couple of minutes of that time to manifest your destiny.  You don’t have to dream the whole time, but just take a minute to envision what could be your truths!

Missing just one day of the endorphins I get from working out causes me to have gym withdrawals!  I get some much motivation and positivity from it.  All of the tips above take practice and consistency to see results, but you have to start somewhere!    Don’t miss out on this natural motivation!


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