Take yourself back to that moment in time where your mom or dad told you to say thank you to the doting stranger that refused to stop giving you compliments.  You didn’t even realize that those willing compliments, endless gifts, and random smiles would scarcely come one day.  You didn’t even realize you’d become that adult that would find joy in adoration of children.  Better yet, now you get to experience the gratification in the tiny shriek of forced “thank you” that you’d receive in return.  You have to admit, it feels good and you walk away feeling connected and revived.  There are so many lessons to be learned from the exchange of communication between a child and adult.  It’s time we become present and offer each other a little more appreciation as adults.

We all light up when children write us sweet notes or draw us pictures derived from their vivid imaginations.  Endorphins fly high like the sheep that we tell them to count when we’re trying to get them to go to sleep.  Perhaps, here is one way in which we can share gratitude between each other.  Write your colleague a note of thanks for that project that they effectively completed.  Tell your yoga instructor how much you appreciate their class.  Write your friend a letter and send it in the mail.  Written notes show that you actually took time out of your day to provide a gesture of acknowledgment.

With the help of technology, our day’s and nights keep speeding up and getting even shorter.  We can’t even remember whether we sent that email or replied back to a text message.  Expressions like “thank you” become mundane and routine to the point where we aren’t even present when we say them.  Setting aside time to curate personalized notes to our friends, family or strangers is a practice that we should implement.  Many already follow traditional means of sending thank you notes after a baby shower or wedding.  However, why not say it without reason.  We all deserve to grin like the gregarious children at the receipt of a kind word.

Without a doubt, gratitude is great to receive from others.  However, when one acknowledges to self the many things to be grateful for, he or she is certain to find a life of contentment.  Queen Victoria once wrote 122 volumes of journals detailing various accounts in her life.  She spoke of her adoration of her husband, Albert many times.  Oprah even digressed that when she started a gratitude journal many years ago, it helped her become more receptive to the goodness of her life.

Perhaps, we can each take a moment each day to say thank you in a present manor.  Whether it is journaling to oneself, writing a thank you not to oneself or another, or simply telling someone thank you!

There are endless benefits to the two word’s “Thank you.”  They really do go a long way.  Basic Invite helped me get a headstart of gratitude this year.  They carry over 1500 thank you card designs. Each one of them customizable to suit your style. They literally have a thank you note for every occasion and their designs vary from foil to photo and everything in between!  Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online.

Just to give an idea of their product offering, here are some you may want to try:

Happy Year of Gratitude! 


  1. This is such a great party. Especially for the new year. I’ll be for sure ordering thank you cards.

  2. I love this Jasmine! I think I’m going to order some thank you cards or just cards period that I can send out throughout the year to brighten people’s day. After all, that is one of my goals! xo

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