Traveling is at our fingertips as we search hashtags or watch our favorite influencers tell stories of secret oasis’ all over the world.  We get entangled in the thought of gathering our girlfriends, family or whoever willing to head on our world tours!  Instead of making a bucket list, we’re planning right now to make traveling a priority on our yearly resolutions.    If you’ve never been out of wherever your homeland is, it’s now easily accessible and readily explorable.  If you have to go by yourself to see the wonders of the world, then so be it.  However, there’s always more fun when there’s more than one!  Here are 8 tips for planning the ultimate girls getaway:

Pick Proper People

You need a minimum of 8 people. We all know drama may insist it’s presence on a trip. However, the larger the group, the less likely the main focus will be a small spat.  Other distractions are more prevalent amongst a larger group keeping the uproar of an isolated incident low.  Also, 8 people will allow for everyone to have an accountability partner!  You never know if someone will get sick, need to go home, or any other mishap.

Choose a Large/ All Inclusive Resort

Having space on the trip will be necessary.  It allows people to breathe and go at their own routine.  All while enjoying a group vacation.  Perhaps a group will head to the gym for a daily workout.  Other’s will head to breakfast.  Some may head to the spa.  A few may already be embarking on the day’s activities.  Many resorts or hotels offer an array of activities.  Staying at a large resort allows for “me time.” Also, instead of trying to pack a group of girls together in one room to save cost.  Try to save energy and assign three to a room!  Space is vital on a trip.  Comfortability is necessary for all parties spending any money on the trip.

No Strict Time Schedule

Having scheduled times on any vacation that doesn’t include a theme park or a concert or any other concretely set event can end in disappointment.  You want to make sure you go with the flow and understand that different people are embarking on the trip for a multitude of reasons.  Perhaps, use this time as a way to divulge deeper on how your friends are doing.  It’s not every day that you get to spend the night or a few days with your closest girl pals!  Engage in discussions that help each other grow.  Have a powwow on the beach.  Relax. Breathe.

Start a GroupMe

Gathering everyone together in a group will allow you to really start the conversation and set the mood for the trip!  Post inspirational photos, things you want to do on the trip or anything else positive in this group.  Also, share payment plans or any other logistics in this group.  Share screenshots of invoices or receipts here as well.  This way no one questions their money or their input of the trip! Try to be completely transparent and inclusive in the group!  Always, always, always remain positive!

Pack Lightly

Coordinating outfits is one way to pack lightly.  If you know what you are wearing for dinner each night, that is one less outfit you have to think about putting together.  Having themes is also a fun way to bring about comradery for the trip! Always take one comfy outfit.  Always take a pair of tennis shoes and a workout outfit!  Think of it as if you are needing to run out of the house… What would you throw on? That one staple workout outfit!  Don’t go anywhere without it.

Laugh and Pray

The best part of this trip will be the many memories that you will make.  However, don’t forget to give thanks, offer compliments to each other, laugh and pray for each other.  Gassing each other up is necessary.  It can be assured that everyone who chose to come on the trip is in need of a boost!


Coordinate Travel Times

It is always a blast to welcome each traveler to the resort as you each arrive!  However, if you can, try to travel together!  It makes the trip that much more fun.  Perhaps, you got stuck in the airport together or sat on a plane for 4 hours.  You come to the vacation with a story and you’re ready to let loose with your girls!  It is also much safer to travel in groups! You can also start a google document where people can log their traveling arrangements so that you can all keep up with each other!  You may list your airlines, flight numbers, etc. there.

Plan at Least 4-6 Months in Advance

Don’t stress yourself out trying to get everyone on the same page.  You may start with a group of 12 people you’ve invited at the 6-month date.  Then, the closer you get to the time, people will drop off.  Make sure that the entire trip is paid for no less than 2 months out.  From there, allow each person to make their own traveling arrangments.  Also, don’t book anything until you have people’s money!  You don’t want to be stuck with a balance on your account. Nor do you want to have a difficult conversation with a friend about money. Time is of the essence,  but it is suggested that you give deadlines and as many reminders as possible to ensure that you get adequate participation on the trip!

You deserve a girls trip at least once in your lifetime, so I hope these tips help!  

Happy Planning!  2018 is the year of your Sweet Life! 

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