My mother always told me to make due with what you have. I assume that’s what her mother told her and so on. As I slowly morph into my mother, I believe this to be true! That’s why I’m showing you how to decorate your home the right way with meaningful pieces at a minimal cost! The holidays aren’t about buying the fanciest gifts or competing with your neighbor over who’s decorations are better. I don’t care if you lived in a shack, you can conjure up a happy home with the right details! When I was 8, my house burnt and we lived in a motel… You read that right, not a hotel… a motel. But it was home, and I will never forget it because my mom made it that way.

Nomad life is no strange phenomenon for me. I coined myself a minimalist a few years ago when I had to move around so many times due to college, internships, career changes and life! Thereof, I prefer to have a few good things to harp about. When decorating, this is true too! Not only is it easier to move if I have to do that again. It’s also easier to keep your life in order! You don’t need a day to put up decorations or a day to take them down. I live by the practice of minimalism.

Mr. Sweet and I live in a doting apartment that is full of meaningful things. I or he can explain each piece of decor or furniture to the tee. I guess this is common for newlyweds who merge all of their favorite things. When it came to Christmas decorating our first home together, I wanted to keep it that way.  I won’t bore you with a full explanation of each piece in my home, but I will convey how subtle pieces can give your home the holiday vibes your family and friends deserve.


In a digital age where some people are screaming put down the camera.  I strongly advise that you pick it up or get someone else to.  I’ve captured some astonishing moments in my life so it was important for me to frame the best ones.  I partnered with Framebridge to frame my wedding portraits.  These never get old and can be great conversation starters to break the ice in any home.  I love to talk about the many facets of that day and of love in general.  Framebridge allows you to take any picture of artifact and custom frame it to fit your space to the brim.  I love that about their service.  There is no need to run around getting prints and looking for the perfect frame.  They do all of that for you and it’s high quality.  Having framed photos of picture-perfect moments in your house during the holidays is sure to bring some cheer to all witnesses.

Use my code JasmineSweet15 to buy your lovely frames from Framebridge.

Minted.com is the proud sponsor of my staple pieces (pillows, custom monogrammed stockings) of this year’s Christmas decor. The pillows are replicas of reindeer and Christmas ornaments.  It not only adds a cozy touch to our apartment, but it adds elements we just don’t have room for.  We don’t have room for those reindeer statues that we would love to have greeted us when we arrive home.  We don’t have room for the 8 foot Christmas tree with ornaments for days!  We don’t have a bunch of little kiddos to make stockings for.  So, in the meantime, we will settle for the small sentiments and look forward to the days when we will have that!  Remember, it’s about making something out of what you have! I told you each piece had larger meanings.

Lastly, I believe in adding objects here and there to finalize your home and satisfy your holiday humbug!  I picked up the meaningful pillows that change sayings from “Peace to Joy” and “Nice to Naughty” at one of my favorite stores, Five Below.  That’s also where I grabbed my miniature trees.  These were a perfect addition to my minimalistic holiday decor approach.  Other trinkets such as the ornament shaped table piece and candles all came from the dollar spot at Target!

The moral of this story is that you don’t need a lot to bring good cheer into your home.   Really, all you need is good company – family and friends.  However, if you feel inclined, choose the minimalistic approach and decorate with a few good things.  Remember, to choose meaningful items.  You can always DIY home decor too.  Ornaments were a childhood favorite of mine to make.

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