Ringing in December is surreal.  It’s like you look up and the year is gone.  It’s time for some evaluating, recapping and celebrating until the final hour of the year 2017 has arrived.  One of my greatest achievements of 2017 was making new girlfriends.  This isn’t a new feat for me because I tend to collect people for a hobby.  However, this group of women would be different from my usual tribe. This group was made up of intentional friends who were all like-minded creatives who lead inspirational lives!  That’s why, last night,  I chose to ring in the new month with them!

Most of the crew are bloggers.  Thereof when we get together, we’re talking about our careers and aspirations.  We’re talking about the latest techniques or tips to help each other advance to the highest level.  We’re sharing inspirational stories and blogs with each other.  In retrospect, when we do get together, it’s usually at a blogging event or a networking event.  However, this one night we decided to gather with no intent.  Just us girls, having a night to simply be.  The lesson here is sometimes you just need to get together with your people and have genuine conversations.  We talked about everything from the Meghan Markle to women’s rights to marriage to kids to the hottest news stories.  We set down our phones and forgot that we were bloggers for a few hours.  The night was filled with laughs and stories until the 11 o’clock hour.  We chatted over popcorn and Seagram’s “Jamaican Me Happy” and “Strawberry Daiquiri.”


Blogging, for us, is work.  At most times, we are our most professional selves!  How many people can let their guard down with their coworkers?  Not many!  That’s why I’m elated to have found a group of women that know’s how to work hard and play harder! That’s what you call ringing in the new month right! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for each and every one of us.  I encourage you to find a new tribe next year!  You’ll be surprised how far or where an intentional tribe with take you!

Many of you may be gathering for holiday celebrations.  As you do, remember to truly fellowship.  Social media is great!  Blogs are phenomenal resources for living your best lives. However, there’s nothing like real time with real people!  Appreciate that and be a member of December.

Happy December you guys!


Jasmine Sweet

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