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“In Love. Happy. Blessed.” These are the three emotions the new Mrs. Jasmine Sweet felt just a couple of months ago as she began her journey as a wife. I can vividly remember those same blissful feelings while being pronounced husband and wife. There’s nothing that quite compares to it. Before you know it, you and your Mr. have set off, enjoyed a glorious honeymoon and now you are ready to turn your house into a home and get settled into everyday life with your partner in crime.
That was the case for me and the same can now be said for Mr. & Mrs. Alex Sweet. As newlyweds, one of the most significant places in your home to decorate and make cozy is the bedroom. It is a place to find solace in each other and end the day talking to the one you love most. For these reasons, it’s important to make it all you want it to be and even more important to do it on a budget. After all, you just threw the biggest and most expensive party of your life becoming Mr. & Mrs. Remembering what it felt like to first become husband and wife and the excitement of creating a home together made this project one close to my heart. I wanted The Sweets to love their bedroom as much as I love the one I share with my husband.

So, where did we start? Jasmine and I began by discussing ideas I had to make their room cozy and gender friendly. We agreed upon neutral colors, lots of pictures, pieces that were specific to now being husband and wife and most important a modest budget of $200. I know you’re thinking “How much can you really do with $200?” The answer to that is if you shop smart, you can do more than you ever imagined. Combining items that were given as wedding gifts along with items purchased within the budget created the warm, intimate Sweet room.Let’s talk about the items I chose, where and how much they were purchased for and why it was perfect for The Sweets:

White Comforter Set with gold accents: This Bed Bath & Beyond find was perfect for a newlywed room. It’s fresh, crisp and classic. White is so easy to build a room around. The fact that is has gold accents throughout is the icing on the cake. It introduces an accent color to continue to design around. Price: $59.99 plus a 20% coupon=$48

Parisian themed chair: Mrs. Sweet has wonderful memories from visiting and studying in Paris so when I saw the Parisian theme accent chair on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, I knew it would fit right into the room. Decor doesn’t always have to be perfectly matching. Bringing in an accent chair that’s not a solid color adds character to the room especially when it represents memories you love. Price: $82.99 plus a 20% coupon=$66

Mr. & Mrs. accent pillow: Let’s face it. A “Mr. & Mrs.” pillow was a necessity to include in this newlywed room. Adding it as an accent pillow presented another neutral color without taking away the subtly of the room. The gold pillows were able to be recycled from the previous comforter set. I love accent pillows. The more, the merrier. This was a gift to Mr. & Mrs. Sweet from me (not included in the $200 budget) and can be found on AmazonPrice:$11

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 wall art:  When I asked the couple if they had a scripture that’s significant and special to them, they quickly answered with this one. For that reason, I set out to find wall art with those exact words on them and I scored this Hobby Lobby beauty using a 40% coupon! I chose to place it on the wall facing the bed allowing them to always see it and be reminded of the words they hold so close to their hearts.  Price:$29.99 plus 40% coupon=$18

Picture Frames: When you find someone who LOVES pictures as much as I do, you take advantage of it. Jasmine picked some of her favorite wedding day photos and I used a variety of frames throughout the room that capture “Sweet” moments between the two. Frames of all sizes and shapes can be found at ridiculously great prices at Marshalls and TJ Max. Price: Frames, wooden “S”, acrylic ampersand and “You have my whole heart…” sign=$25.72

“S” is for Sweet: Ladies, when you get a new last name, flaunt it! It’s exciting. The printed, wooden “S” was found at TJ Maxx for about $6. You can’t beat that. Adding this to the wall over the bed contributes to the husband and wife vibe we wanted to create. Price:Wooden “S”, picture frames, acrylic ampersand and “You have my whole heart…” sign=$25.72

“Sweet Love” scrabble letters: I wanted the couple to have something in their bedroom that was a play on their last name. Etsy is my go to for cute, little-personalized gifts. I found the scrabble letters there and requested for them to be personalized to read “sweet love”. Such a small item turned out to be such a special detail to place on the dresser. Price:$12.95

This room full of neutral colors and lots of pictures created a cozy atmosphere for the newlyweds to enjoy and spend time together in. They began their journey as husband and  wife on 5.27.17. I hope that their bedroom only continues to provide them a place of calm and peace along their journey as they continue to grow their love and turn a house into a Sweet home!

Check out these before and after pictures!

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