Going back to school was always exciting for me. Being able to take notes in my cute notebook with my fancy gel pens made learning intriguing. I was that girl! I’d show up to class with a stylish backpack and other creative finds to enhance my learning capabilities.


As a young woman, I still find a way to buy all of the gaudiest goodies (journals, pens, candles, self-help books, motivational wall-art, workout clothes, face masks, etc.) for enhancing my personal growth. The positive affirmations make way for a productive and prosperous future. Waltzing through any major retailer, I find myself coming home with a new sparkly journal. This is typically my favorite goody! I carry around a pencil case of colored sharpies. Yes, I’m still that girl. Throughout the years, I’ve written in my journals here and there. They too have helped to shape the person I am today. I have, in fact, learned about who I was yesterday! I look back on moments when I was being a mean girl, discouraged or having the time of my life! The big girl lessons I’ve learned are ones I share indirectly on my blog or directly, with my friends at happy hour! They’ve helped me become a better storyteller and communicator to myself and others. They’ve transformed me. However, journaling can sometimes seem like just another tasks you’ve got to do! Finding one to enhance your life and not burden your tasks lists is a must! The benefits are undeniable! Oprah can attest.

I enjoy all kinds of journals: biblical journals, gratitude journals, girl power journals and more. However, I was in search of a journal that gave me all of that and plus some! I found the Daily Greatness Orignal Journal. It’s a journal that helps to keep you in check while you give it all your goals, aspirations and more. It’s almost like your imaginary friend that says, “What are you thankful for today? What have you accomplished in the last 90 days? What is your plan to achieve those goals?” There are colorfully marked places where you can record your reminders, gratitude, appointments, inspired actions, feelings and more! This new friend of yours will have you in check!

This summer while adjusting to newlywed life, I decided that I need to learn a bit more about who Jasmine Sweet is and what she’s capable of doing. Therefore, I started recording my life in my Daily Greatness Original Journal. It’s given me the structure I needed to geometrically serve every piece of my pie with time and effort. The checks and balances this journal provides have helped me be more present and intentional with my thoughts and my works. Upon finishing wedding planning, I immediately starting revamping my blog! This may sound like an easy task, but it’s not. I still had to show up to my 9-5. I still had to complete my freelance gigs. I still had to be a good friend and family member. I still had to figure out how to transition to a doting wife! I still had to find time to let Jasmine live! They say you can survive with 4-hours of sleep, but I beg to differ. My womanly body says if I am not in bed no later than 10 pm, I will be the little girl whining the whole day through. Recording everything in the Daily Greatness Original Journal has given me purpose in redefining my own goals and aspirations. It’s the birth of the Jasmine Sweet Blog.

I am challenging you over the next 30 days to grab a journal and start writing. The Daily Greatness Journal is an investment that you don’t want to overlook. There are 5 more months left in this year, and it is time for you to step into your calling! Make moves. Live your best life. Come back to this blog to see how the journal is helping me manifest destiny! It’s back to school time. As Beyonce once said, “School Life.”

I don’t know about you, but I am pumped! So pumped, I woke up at 5:30 am to workout before work, my mom’s Bday dinner and time with Mr. Sweet. I am determined!

Happy 30 Days of Journaling! Grab your Daily Greatness Journal below.

Dailygreatness Original Journal
Dailygreatness All journals
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