Today marks 10 years together! It’s not our marriage anniversary, but I think it’s necessary to celebrate every day, every moment of the day! Each morning I rise and shout Good Morning! My husband, Alex, also known as Mr.Sweet, will give me his more death stare, but equally engages me with a mumbling “Good Morning!”  It’s how we maintain the energy between each other and get our days started on the right foot.  It’s how we celebrate life and yearn to get back to each other at the end of the day!  I know people reserve date nights, but we’ve never done that because we just naturally settle into a date at our dinner table as we digress our long days or plop down on the couch and settle in for whatever Netflix has to offer!  For year’s we’ve casually dated each other, and that’s the beauty of our union, and thereof, I want to continue celebrating the small, yet momentously sentimental dating anniversary! Why wait until our Marriage/wedding date to celebrate love when you can do that every time you continue dating each other?


I’ve been counting all of our monuments together since Mr.Sweet asked me to be his girlfriend in 2009! I looked forward to the 5th of every month to say Happy Anniversary! It reminds me of the younger version of us who had no clue what the past ten years would encompass.  It reminds me to be optimistic about our love and appreciative of the journey.  You couldn’t have told me some of the things we’ve encountered and that we’d be strong enough to get through them, but it’s not ours to own.  It’s a God thing.


When I tell people that we still celebrate our dating anniversary, they laugh.  I laugh too in all grace that has occurred between two people over minutes, days, weeks, months.  All the unexpected twists and turns that we’ve survived.  All the wild stories we lived to tell.  You can laugh, but I think it’s what keeps us whole.  🙋🏽‍♀️😊🤷🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️ Dating and celebrating life’s wins and mulling in the lows just enough to look forward to the fireworks of the next wins has sustained us.  It’s helped us evaluate ourselves and each other. It’s helped us be better.  

Through long-distance relationships, celebrating the months and the years gave purpose to our relationship!  It provided value to use as we learned from each other.  It helped us to always see the silver lining and reboot when our energy was off.  And boy, we have a chemistry that no Periodic Table of Elements can explain.  When our energy is off, we’re willing to do just about anything to level out and experience the euphoria of our comradery.  In retrospect, the late college nights partying or the dramatic arguments or the time we got stuck in New York in a snowstorm or the time we both got food poisoning or the time we honeymooned in Cancun or the time we simply went to the movies are all embedded in us!  We can’t wait to experience more life with each other and, therefore, continue celebrating all these years we’ve known each other to the core.


We’ve grown up together, and I’m grateful for all the joy and love we share. 🥰  We’re ready for the next decade of adventures.   I love my husband.   I hope you’re encouraged to start celebrating everything with your spouse, dating anniversary, and all!  Love can win without a little cheer, and sometimes you have to simply cheer for yourselves.  External forces are at work!  When God placed the two of you together, he expected you two to understand that he is first, and after that, the two are bound together under his divine purpose! Live on that, and love harder.

Location: Cheekwood Gardens 

Photographer: Jennifer Cody Photo

My Dress: https://rstyle.me/+TW2O88v3DfPpWEXcpoOrQQ 

Alex’s Black and White Striped Shirt: https://rstyle.me/+68TbL2rI0GYJd-qwOH5lgw 

Alex’s Black Slim Fit Joggers: https://rstyle.me/+PeuRCpa1mVl4pJLS7F2y9w 






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