It’s the month of love, and while some of us are hugged up with our husbands or boyfriends, others are merely treading water in the dating world.  It is not a strange fact that it is tough to find the right love out here!  That’s where I’ve always found the companionship of my friends and family to come in handy.  No one said you had to go on a luxurious date or have roses sent to yourself at work or have a fancy dress to celebrate love.  This is where your girlfriends or guy friends come in!  Go out and have a good time with them.


Before my husband, I almost hated Valentine’s day growing up!  I hated that there was so much emphasis on a relationship when the day is a fictitious day that simply acknowledges love in general.  I witnessed so many people hurting on a day that was meant for love, and I was not okay with that.  I vowed to always love myself first, and if a companion shows up then so be it, but if one did not, that was okay too.  I had to learn this the hard way of course.  I definitely was the princess who wanted her prince when the prince was absolutely horrid for her.  That was me for sure, but I’ve been blessed with a good support system of friends and family that I’m grateful to celebrate love with!


Funny story alert, the last time I tried choosing companionship just to have someone was the time I learned you can’t force the situation so, for those of you out there who are trying to set up a date with any ole’ body before February  14th, it isn’t worth it.  Grab your girls and celebrate Galentine’s Day!  You’ll thank me later.  I was just a senior in high school with a trash boyfriend who I chose not to let ruin my memories by going to prom with him, so I decided to go with my girlfriends!  Then, the lonely instincts kicked in, and I chose a junior year football star to go to prom with me too!  He had no car and followed me around for the whole night!  IT WAS MY NIGHT!  WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?  Again, choose yourself, sister, and celebrate life with one of your friends!


Pictured below, you will find me with my best friend since I was 13-years-old posed for a pajama party with a bottle of Veuve!  In real life, this is us.  We’ve been celebrating life together, and I know that rain or shine, Lauren Nicole Spann Thomas will always be there.  She’s never not been, and I don’t know life without her.  We’ve literally pushed each other to be great at all stages, so she is my annual Galentine!  Oh, and she was my prom date too! HA!

Through college, entrepreneurship, marriage, careers, and life, we’ve been there for each other, and I am forever grateful for my Galentine!  So, on this fictitious holiday of love, celebrate your Galentine, man, or not!  I am and always will!




Photos: Jennifer Cody Photo 

Outfits: Cititrends 


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