An Ode To My 20-Somethings

Today, as I write this blog post, I am 30-years-old.  For the past few weeks leading up to this day I’ve pondered what this new decade looks like, and what I’ve realized is that it’s “take off-season!”  When I look back over my 20-somethings, I must say I’m extremely PROUD of myself for all of my fearless ventures filled with uncertainty and certainty at the same time!  I DID A THING!  A BUNCH OF THINGS!  If you’re a twenty-something reading this post or a thirty-something or a 40something or a something period, you’re gonna find some inspiration and some light in this one because I’ve been through and risen above it! I’m forever grateful for each year, each day, each moment of my 20-somethings.  I’m legit so grateful I could cry and laugh for eternity.  So here goes, a list of 30 pivotal moments that have shaped my journey!

  1. Married Mr.Sweet
    • BY FAR THE BEST DECISION EVER.  I FOUND MY PERSON AND I KNEW IT WAS REAL AND TRUE FROM THE FIRST MOMENT WE’VE EVER TALKED ON THE PHONE.  IT’S A GOD THING.  Alex has shaped me and lifted me with a loved that is indescribable.  He always chooses me, and that is my everlasting pure joy!  I pray everyone gets to feel a love that transforms and transcends because that exactly what he gives me in every sector of my life!
  2. Lost My Dad 
    • Out of five kids, I was the one my dad was there to see born!  People this was before the age of cell phones and if a baby was coming he or she was coming out with whoever was there!  He loved to tell the tale of how he spanked my butt when I was born and I hollered.  He’d tell the story with so much joy! We were kindred spirits you see!  I’ll never forget holding his hand through the countless doctor’s appointments.  I’ll never forget saying goodbye the night he went to meet the lord.  I was 27 years old and you couldn’t have told me that he wouldn’t be walking me down the aisle in the next 6 months.  Yes, he passed just a short time before I said I do, but he was every bit there when Alex and I said our vows before the Lord, and he’s every bit there when I’m sharing my light with the world! This moment in time changed me for the better.  We don’t have forever.  TAKE AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU CAN AND LIVE AS WILD AND FREE AS POSSIBLE.
  3. Built a brand & Monetized my blog 
    • I thought I was going to be a news reporter!  I learned that you can be whatever you want to be.  I’m currently forging a career in a field that has never existed.  Make your own way! To date, I’ve worked with Uber, Delta, Dove, Audi and so many more! It’s taken me nearly 11 years, but I’ve made it happen! 
  4. Partied with my entire family this one time we were all in New York! 
    • Moments in time are everything!!!!!!!! Have your best ones with the ones who love you the most.
  5. Went to the Grammys  with a Grammy Award Winning Artist, Dom Flemons 
    • WHAT?! This is still crazy to me!  This is what happens when you work hard to perfect your craft and lay your tracks!  Miraculous opportunities appear.
  6. Voted for the 1st Black President
    • This is something my descendants can tell their descendants!  I’m so proud to not only have been able to vote, but I went to the OFFICIAL Presidential Inaugural Ball – Like, I got to see Barack and Michelle dance!!!!!!!
  7. Climbed Dunn River Falls in Jamaica
    • Traveling is not something I take for granted!  If you get the opportunity to travel, go far, and do something other than shopping!  This was a moment to connect with the earth and God’s Glory!!!!!
  8. Website archived by the Library of Congress 
    • LIKE WHOAAAA! Who would’ve thought this would’ve ever happened?!  The website I built for my Grammy client, Dom was archived!  The lesson here is just doing the work!  You never know what could manifest!
  9. Interned for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the United States Congress 
    • Be open to new experiences!  I moved from Memphis in my last semester of college to intern in DC.  I was taking 18 hours of undergraduate courses at the University of Memphis, 9 hours of grad courses at George Washington University and doing two internships!  I met my best friends here!  LOVE YOU MILC AND NIA! Also, the work ethic is a skill set that must be practiced!  I learned that and so many other things here!
  10. Lived in 5 different cities: DC, Memphis, Louisville, Jackson, Nashville 
  11. Pneumonia 
    • Yes, I randomly got pneumonia on my 24 birthday.  It changed my life.  I was so sick that I was bedridden at my parent’s house for a couple of months.  Not being able to breathe and function is a gratitude game changer!  I got better as you can see, but I do not take my health for granted.  I ended up with muscular issues and a moving rib!  I’ve gone through physical therapy twice! But I continue to thank God that he spared my life and that I’m here to continue this life’s journey!
  12. MBA 
    • Education is everything!!!!!  The loans suck, but learning is necessary!
  13. Working for my Sister, International Recording Artist, Valerie June
    • I’ve worked for my sister since I was in college! She was my first social media client!  She taught me how to work on a different level or should I say all levels from the grunt work to making appearances on Jay Leno, VH1, CBS Morning Show, Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and so many more!  Be able to work in any environment and on any level!
  14. Hosted Nashville Fashion Week Blogger Brunch Twice 
  15. Studied abroad in Paris, France 
    • Paris was phenomenal!  I’m so glad I expanded my wings and went to see a different part of the world!  Traveling abroad is like getting on a roller coaster, you have reservations, but once you go, you want to go again and again and again.
  16. Ziplined in a Cenote in Mexico 
    • Brave ole me was the first one in line in Mexico to zipline into a 30 feet deep cenote!  Moral of the story is to do things you are scared of!  Take a deep breath and dive ends.  Getting rid of anxiety takes you facing all the things that are keeping you from moving past it!
  17. Bachelorette in Vegas
    • Got featured in Essence Magazine! Thank you to my very best friends!!!!!!!
  18. Got Signed to a Modeling Agency 
    • Been in commercials
    •  Shot for TJ Maxx, Dollar General and more
  19. Covered the Red Carpet for Black Husic Honors 
    • Yes, when I first moved to Nashville, I googled whatever was going on and showed up to cover it on my blog.  I put myself out there and made a name for myself!
  20. Wrote for Huffington & Forbes & Visit TN 
    • Like WHAT?!!!!!!!
  21. Met Celebrities
    • There was this one night that I was backstage at a Lil Wayne concert!  My best friend was dating his bodyguard!  We crazy twenty-one-year-olds!
  22. Started wearing my Natural Hair 
    • BEEESSSTTTT DECISION EVER!  It’s empowering and freeing!
  23. Wrecked my Jeep and bought a Mercedez Benz
    • When I was 23 years old, my parents took me to the car lot and said alright we will help you buy your first very own car! I bought a Jeep and named her lady Liberty!  Dad helped me pick her out and make all the decisions!  Then, I wrecked her last year and had a complete meltdown!  Then, I thought of the time when he helped me buy Lady Liberty and all the things he said to look for and I found Lady Sweet, my Mercedes!  Mr.Sweet helped me here too!  And my mom and brother came up to test drive it too!!!!!!!!
  24. Bought a House 
    • SAY WHAT?!!!!!! Mr.Sweet and I bought what we call out retirement property here in Nashville!  We, the kids who met in college, bought a brand new house a few miles from Downtown!  The experience was phenomenal! Alex and I paid for our own wedding and then, bought a house on our own!  We are blessed with great parents, but this made us and them proud!!!!!!!
  25. Coachella – Beychella 
    • We were there!  We witnessed BEYCHELLA!  This was a last-minute decision to go that we have no regrets for!  It’s the only music festival I’ve ever paid for – perks of being Valerie June’s sister!  I partnered with brands and basically paid for our trip with that!  Lesson learned: Just go. Buy the ticket.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it will come about somehow if you believe and work hard!
  26. Paid for My Own Wedding 
    • You cannot tell me or Mr.Sweet what we cannot do together.  We paid for our own wedding and it taught us a lot of responsibility and communications skills that we’ve carried over into our marriage! It was hard but so worth it!!!!!!!!
  27. Placed 3rd runner up at Miss Memphis 3 times! 
    • It’s okay if you don’t win, but you don’t have to stop trying! I did and I’m proud of my efforts! I was a role model to a lot of little girls whom I now see competing in pageants!
  28. Got laid off from a couple of jobs!
    • YES, I’VE BEEN LET GO FROM SOMMMMEEEE HORRIBLE WORKPLACES AND THAT IS OKAY!  BACK THEN, THEY DIDN’T WANT ME. NOW, I’M HOT THEY ALL ON ME! HA! JK! But the lesson here is that it’s okay.  You will find your footing somewhere else or you will make your own path.  They’re gonna miss you when you’re gone.
  29. Hosted 2 Social Media Workshops – One in Nashville (Sold Out) and Atlanta 
    • LIKE WHAT?! I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous in my life!  I literally came up with this curriculum and decided to teach it.  I had all kinds of imposter syndrome, but I still did it!  I’m beyond proud of myself! THIS TAUGHT ME THAT NOTHING CAN STOP ME!
  30. Became AUNT JAZ! 
    • Besides being a wife, I take pride in this role!  Ever since I met my first niece  Baby Brooklyn, I’ve been an AUNTIE HAWK!  Don’t mess with my babies!  They’ve taught me a love that I did not know existed!  I love being Aunt Jaz!  There’s this sweet mushiness that I just can’t get enough of.  It makes me relish the moments of life. I’m grateful FOR ALL 5 OF MY NIECES AND NEPHEW!











  1. Beautiful memories and pictures! I can agree whole-heartedly with #30 and hope to one day have my own love to post about such as #1! You are such an amazing spirit and I hope the rest of your life is filled with love and success among so many other GOD given blessings!

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