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Time is of the essence for most of us. Especially when you live in a city like Nashville, and due to traffic, it takes you nearly 30 minutes to get 5 miles. You have somewhere to be though. And if that means changing in the backseat, doing your makeup in the car, and finishing off your hair in the parking lot to get the job done and show up in full glam, then the new Pantene Waterless Collection is for you. It’s a 1,2,3 system that is small enough to travel with you in your purse; yet, great enough to have your curls looking like they’ve just had a recent wash day all in a couple of quick steps.

My daily routine consists of working full-time as a marketing manager and then heading off for some self-care at the gym or to an event for my side gig of blogging/influencing. I am a multitasking maniac that is organized and always prepared to show up for any occasion. The new Pantene Waterless Collection is a lifesaver as it tames any frizz from and redefines my curls on the go. A bad hair day can send anyone into a frenzy, but with a boost from these three products, I’ve noticed a different oomph to my curls! It has seriously transformed my non-wash routine.


You don’t have to use all three products to revitalize your hair, but if you’d like the effects from all of them, then go for it! Each has properties that are beneficial to nurturing your hair in-between your wash days phase.



The Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist 

One of the most important things you can do for your hair is to condition it. We do a lot with our hair that could potentially cause our strands some damage. Ensuring that we’re handling our hair with care at all cost means finding conditioning products such as the Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist that invigorate the hair for a healthy trajectory. This quick and easy spray allows you to get the necessary treatment without the usual deep conditioning means of water, a shower cap, and a hooded hairdryer. And yes, all you have to do is spray.  Then, the product conditions your strands thanks to a blend of light-as-air hydrators that are evenly distributed in every tiny droplet in this paraben-free, sulfate-free micro-mist. Omega-9, the staple “good fat” of the Mediterranean diet and trusted skin hydrator, penetrates into the hair core to restore it with lipids.



How-to-use the products: 

Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist

  1. Shake the can and hold the can 6-8 inches away from your hair for optimal coverage. DON’T hold the can too close to your hair.
  2. Apply from the mid-lengths to ends on dry hair. Brush or finger comb through. DON’T spray at your roots.

The Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam 

Curly hair tends to collect things and smells after days of normal routines such as working out, sleeping, and working. The dry shampoo is soft in its approach as it gently cleanses your hair of such. Most foam products tend to leave your hair hard, or residue rode, but this one restores the fluff and weightlessness of freshly washed coils. Moreover, the smell of this dry shampoo is the perfect delight for all the hugging you’ll be doing when you meet up with friends for happy hour! Nevertheless, the dry shampoo foam is just as much fun as a foam party except it’s for your hair!

The non-drying, fast-absorbing, nourishing formula contains:

  • Pro-vitamin B5 and orchid flower water in the foam, which work to release clumped hair.
  • Tapioca from the cassava root to absorb excess oil from roots and scalp.
  • The foam is free-of drying alcohols, sulfates, and parabens.


How-to-use the products: 

Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam

  1. Shake the can well and dispense a small amount into your fingertips – NOT directly to your roots.
  2. Section your hair and start with a small amount – NOT a whole head amount.
  3. Apply to DRY hair at the roots and rub it in. Repeat for each section.
  4. Brush out and style as you like. Your hair may feel a little damp after you apply, but don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s just the foam doing its thing and it dries quickly.




Pantene Curl Affair Curl Reshaping Cream 

Generally, I reserve wash day for a Thursday or Friday evening! It’s an entire night of pampering when I do this. After a few days, my curls start to attend parties of their own with wild antics. The fluffy shape and perfect coil that they had after the initial wash are barely hanging on. Applying the Pantene Curl Affair Curl Reshaping Cream to the ends of my curls helped to gather the strands back together to create the coil effect again. This curl reshaping cream is smooth and defined as soon it goes on. It’s almost like a magic trick to watch the hair strands lay meticulously against each other.  Moreover, the anti-frizz hydration works to block humidity, so curls stay smooth all day long.

How-to-use the products: 

Pantene Curl Affair Curl Reshaping Cream

  1. To reshape curls, twist or scrunch through dry hair.
  2. For softly defined curls, apply to damp hair. Diffuse or air dry.




I challenge you to extend your non-wash days with the new Pantene Waterless Collection. Get yours now for a limited time at Walmart.

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  1. Great article! I’ve recently gotten back into a workout routine and have been trying to figure out what do when my hair is drenched in sweat after just washing the night before. I know over-washing can strip your hair of natural oils, so I may just swing by Walmart this week to try it out myself! Thanks for the info!

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