Many people don’t visit the other cities in their state! When most of us think about a getaway, we think of this existential experience in an exotic land.  Some of us are even more prone to take a staycation than we will plan a vacation a few hours away from home.  We weigh our options: time, energy, resources.  All of this helps us determine the who, what, where, when and how of our vacations.  However, I propose that you just take at least one trip a year to get a new experience!  That’s what I did when I ventured east of Nashville to Knoxville, TN.  Unlike a typical trip to the beach, I really didn’t know what to expect.  Though it has astonishing offerings, Knoxville is most recognized for an outstanding football program.  Being that football season was over, I had a blank canvas to look forward to and could paint whatever picture I wanted to with Alex – Mr.Sweet!

In the video below, I’m telling you of my own personal experience of visiting a city in my own state!  I encourage you to do the same!  Native Tennesseans, our state has so much history that you may never know unless you visit each region.  Stretching from nearly the East Coast all the way to the midwest is a blessing we, Tennesseans often take for granted.  Our landscape leads story deeper than we can imagine.  If you’re looking to getting a better understanding of where you’ve come from, traveling to a nearby city is an excellent way to get started!

To begin, I’m telling you why you should stay at the Tennessean Hotel, eat at the Elkmont Exchange, visit the East Tennessee History Center and Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Watch the video to see what you could be experiencing!


The Tennessean Hotel is truly a Sweet Home away from home.  It’s regal, yet modern touch is one I was pleasured to experience.  There are so many components made specifically for a top-notch guest experience.  We stayed in the Panoramic Suite King Suite.  The best thing about this it had a separate living room from the bedroom.  Often times when you’re visiting a hotel, you feel like you have to do everything in tight quarters or on the bed.  This allowed Alex and I to truly sit down and have breakfast together at a table and get a good night’s rest in a beautifully decorated and cozy bedroom.  Some of my other favorite components were the toiletries from London!  After each shower or even basic handwash, they filled the room with a soothing aroma.  The napkins were maps of the Knoxville area.  There was a foot-bar in the shower for women to shave their legs! There was adequate space for two people to get ready in the bathroom.  There was also a black clothe designated for makeup ridden hands.  I, also, loved that the room had its own personal touch of Knoxville – water bottles filled with natural spring water from English Mountain Spring Water Co. in East Tennessee. It truly was a blissful experience!



The Elkmont Exchange offered an array of the best food and drinks you could have.  I haven’t had duck since traveling to Paris, France a few year’s ago.  I loved the duck wings!  It was a neat alternative to typical chicken wings at a bar.  Even though it’s a brewery, the food is carefully made to ensure that you experience more than just typical bar food.  It’s savory and crave-worthy.  The Elkmont’s vibrant atmosphere makes you sink into the experience.  There are keg booths for you are your significant other to sit it.  How cool is that?  This place was so amazing that we went back for a second helping on day two! They also offer flights of beer if that’s your thing!  My husband thoroughly enjoyed trying out coffee beer.  It was his favorite.  You can even take tours of the brewery if time permits.  Nevertheless, it is a stop you must make on your journey to Knoxville.



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