Hoarding pop culture magazine’s and galvanizing celebrity news have always been a pastime of mine.  I always loved who wore it better segments and watching the red carpet.  However, it wasn’t just the glitz and glamour that drew me into the captivating scenery, it was the way each garment was styled to perfection on different body types of with different accessories.  Fabrics, colors, texture and more shape our bodies each day not only to privatize bodyparts but also to enhance mentalities!  We all get the free reign to go into whatever store and by whatever pieces and pair them together for whatever occasion.  The liberation of it all is, in and of itself, a gift!  Hence, my deep obsession with fashion in general!  It’s an ever-evolving and revolving system of clothes that we can learn a lot from.  That includes lessons about ourselves most importantly.

My whole life, I’ve stayed away from certain clothing items because of the way my body is made.  Body dysmorphic disorder and fluctuating weight have made me question the way I dress my body for years.  I’ve literally studied magazine’s and other women with similar body types to decide what to wear and what not to wear.  Jeans were an absolute no unless they were jeggings.  I didn’t own one pair.  That was until I started working with Evereve Stylist who helped me to gain optimism in many facets from trying new styles to actually trying on clothes.  Yes, I never tried on clothes in the store for fear of getting upset that it would be the perfect fit.  It sounds silly, but it is candidly true.

Evereve is a retailer that is 100% focused on the wellbeing of women.  I know first hand from my own experience being transformed into a confident curvy girl by the sweetest stylist you’ll ever meet!  They even convinced me to wear jeans!  I, first, encountered them through their social media manager who wanted me to participate in a campaign.  As I vetted the company, as I always do as a savvy business blogger, I noticed that they catered their marketing to moms.  I, immediately responded with I don’t have any kids, but I love your clothes!  From there, she set me up with stylists from the store.

We hear horror stories from various celebrities including Ashley Graham, Khloe Kardashian and more about how stylists or designers didn’t want to work with them.  It truly makes you feel like well if they won’t work with them, they probably won’t work with me either.  I can tell you Evereve stylists are ready to work with whoever, whenever, however.  My styling session with them occurred in the middle of a Tennessee Monsoon on a summer night.  We continued working to find the perfect items well after the store was closed.  Their work ethic is undeniably the best.  Most retailers train their people to be sales hunters or loss prevention pesters.  Not Evereve.  Each stylist is trained to help women recognize their best selves.

I’ve learned what’s good for my body type.  I’ve learned that we all look good in the same shirt, pants or dress, styled many different ways.  That’s the beauty of it all.  I’ve inspired women all over the world to discover the best looks for their bodies.  Working with a stylist has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  We think we have it all figured out until we get an honest second opinion.  Sometime’s your friends or your family won’t tell you the absolute truth about your outfit, but a stylist will.  It’s their job and a reflection of their work if your fashions aren’t carefully curated.

I asked one of my favorite Evereve stylist, Annie Leech, for her “why” on styling.  Here’s what she said, “The reason why I do what I do is to make women feel and look their best. We are here to style not sell. Finding the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect outfit can completely change a person demeanor. If I can help a mom who doesn’t have time to think about what outfits to put together because she’s so busy doing for everyone else, I’ve done my job. If I can help the college graduate find her first interview outfit, I’ve done my job. Whatever someone’s got going on in their life, somehow, you can tie it back to fashion and I love that I can be apart of that. The goal is to feel beautiful and confident.”

As women, we don’t all wake up full of confidence every day.  It’s kind of nice to work with someone who fills you up through a successful styling session.  I highly recommend working with an Evereve stylist!  While I don’t look like I’m walking the runway every day, I know that I can walk the runway any day, and that is all that matters!  I’m no longer just sourcing my favorite fashions in magazine or pop culture shows, I’m getting styled by a stylist which is even better!

Below is one of my all-time favorite looks!  Find an Evereve store near you today!



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  1. I hadn’t heard of this company before I saw your posts, but I’ve been extremely impressed with every piece I’ve seen since. It looks really good on you (including the jeans). Thanks for sharing your experience (which seemed easy and overwhelmingly positive). I don’t have children either, but I plan to check them out.

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