Collecting people is something we should all adapt to.  However, purging people isn't a bad thing either.  And guess what?  You shouldn't feel bad about it.  Deciphering who needs to go and who can stay can sometimes be a challenging and defying feat.

Collecting people is something we should all adapt to.  However, purging people isn’t a bad thing either.  And guess what?  You shouldn’t feel bad about it.  Deciphering who needs to go and who can stay can sometimes be a challenging and defying feat.  It’s a struggle that makes us cringe.  The thought of even having a difficult conversation makes us antsy.  However, the positives of this movement are far beyond what we can imagine.  Your endorphins are popping when you’re having good experiences with your people.  You owe yourself a chance to feel this more often than not!  We tend to calculate the years we’ve spent with people as justification.  When in fact, this may be the exact reason we simply aren’t happy with ourselves or them.

The justification can simply be that you are changing, evolving and personally investing in your own wellbeing mentally, physically and emotionally.  You could even create an elevator pitch for cutting ties.  Practice it.  When the time comes, speak each word confidently and let it go.  Without further ado, here are some of those people you may need to evaluate.


    • You probably first heard of her in elementary school.  She is the one who is never truly happy for any of your successes.  She is probably depleted of all hope when you’re trying to be positive and offer solutions to her many problems.  No advice you give seems to better the situation.  You probably sit and listen to her more often than reciprocating dialogue.  Any advice she offers comes by way of a sarcastic or reserved cheer.  Just face it, she’s not on your side and that’s okay!

    • Selfishness is a tendency we all battle so this one can truly be hard to spot until a big blowup.  Some will even tell you not to place expectations on others that you don’t want to see not carried out.  However, you should be able to depend on your friends for some things.  Sadly, you’ll probably have to test Selfish Sally to see where you truly stand with her.  Try seeing if she will fulfill a basic need of yours – perhaps something you do for her! If she doesn’t pass, you know what to do!

    • We’ve all been told that boy’s show their affection through mean or rude gestures.  This can be true of a secret admirer too!  Your secret admirer can be your biggest fan but show it in the most condescending way.  You don’t need the energy.   They very well could take your ideas or replicate your “money moves.”  Just keep a watchful eye on them, and don’t be afraid to have a conversation.

Now that you have an idea of those people you need to relieve of duty, here are some people you should seek out if you haven’t already.  They and you deserve each other!


    • This is someone who genuinely enjoys being a good friend.  Believe or not some people simply don’t know how to be good friends or even enjoy it!  It is something that we all have to practice and get better at with each unique friendship.  The point is, you want to find someone who actually wants this kind of companionship!  If they do, they will work at in many different facets: loyalty, positivity, love, selflessness, compliance, support and more!

    • We’re all facing a multitude of issues each day!  We’re simply dealing most days as we rush to prevent and put out fires!  At the end of it all, we need that friend that’s going to give us the silver lining straight.  He or she isn’t just going to tell you everything will be okay.  They’ll give you an honest approach that you can deal with accordingly.  They’ll help you prioritize and put things into perspective.

    • Sometimes, you just don’t want to deal.  You need the fun fool because they will help you embrace your childlike qualities that you’ve been neglecting.  This person will roam New York with you until the sun comes up!  This person will help you brave Las Vegas for 72 hours with little to no sleep.  This person will tag you in the funniest post on social media that you’ll share for days with everyone you love!  This person won’t allow you to sit on the couch by yourself on a Friday night!  Better yet, they’ll ensure that you attend happy occasionally and digress your deepest, darkest secrets to a safe source!

Happy People Sourcing in 2018!  It’s a necessary challenge.


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