In the real world, none of us get the free time that we truly deserve.  We, essentially, have to make time to spend time with our friends and family.  That sounds redundant, but it’s so true.  Our literal obligations prevent us from liberally being able to enjoy the presence of our loved ones.  That is, only if you let it.  Thereof, you should be sure to schedule some time with your girlfriends just as you would your significant other, family or your job.  The importance of it is invaluable.  Most recently, I happened to be visiting one of my favorite cities, D.C. for work.  Two of my best girlfriends happened to live there!  I made sure we had plans to catch up and live it up.  We headed straight to an interactive exhibit, “The Future of Sports” where we could epitomize the term “big girls.”

Here are 5 lessons I learned during our “Girl’s Night Out” that I am certain will help you understand why you should be penciling your girls in now!  Better yet, type it into your fancy app, send an E-vite, get on your friend’s google calendar.  You need to be cultivated and stimulated by some juicy conversations.

    1. Girls Night Allows You to Let Your Hair Down! 
      • As women, sharing insight over entertaining festivities allows for an environment of comfort and vulnerability.  Being at the interactive exhibit with my friends allowed us to simply relax and let loose.  “The Future of Sports” had the perfect music video set for us to sink into.  At least that’s the way we imagined it.  We ran around the basketball court, boxed the punching bag and even juggled a few tennis balls.  I’m all for a dinner date, but sometimes that environment stifles conversation.  Whereas, interactive activities allow you guys to move physically and emotionally.  They allow you to bond a little further.  They allow you to make a nontypical memory with the girls you love the most! Perhaps, pick a paint night or find an interactive exhibit in your city.
    2. Girl Night Allows You to Gas Each Other Up!
      • The one mannerism that I believe all girls should have is complimentary!  It’s something my friends and I share and I adore.  We took countless pictures of each other without any questions asked.  We cheered for each other and endorsed our body parts instead of the body-shaming we all encounter daily.  It’s refreshing to have a few moments of praise from people who you know will tell you the absolute truth.
    3. Girls Night Allows You to Laugh and Reminisce Like No Tomorrow!  
      • If your girlfriend history is anything like mine, you’ve grown up with them.  The love you have for them goes far beyond unconditional.  You’ve shared a lot of first and last with them.  Some of your best memories are with them.  I’ll never forget meeting Joya at University of Memphis Frosh Camp!  She was one of my first college friends and we’ve been tight ever since.  I’ll never forget meeting Amilca upon moving to DC for an internship!  She was my home away from home.  The joy that they allude is every reason why we’re still friends years later.  We reminisced when I introduced the two of them in 2012 at President Obama’s Inauguration – a memory that we will never live down.
    4. Girls Night Allows You to Catch Up! 
      • You get to tell them what you’ve been working on and vice versa! We exchanged job news, goals and aspirations and so much more.  When Joya couldn’t make it to our college homecoming, I gave her a complete rundown.  The three of us had not seen each other since my wedding so we also caught up on that experience!  Amilca updated us on her travels and triumphs as a teacher.  The updates we exchanged lit a fire for me.  Catching up with your girlfriends allows you to debrief and recharge.  Don’t miss out on your chance to revitalize oneself or your friendship by exchanging life happenings!


  1. Girls Night Allows You to Share Your Struggles and Triumphs. 
    • It has been said countless times that you never really know what somebody is going through.  With me living in Nashville and them living in D.C., it’s very hard to communicate as frequently as I’d like.  I can be going through something and they’d never know if I don’t make time to pick up the phone.  Getting together and sharing your struggles keeps your friendships in a growing phase.  It opens the door for you to celebrate those happy moments together!  After we finished at the interactive exhibit, we made our way down the street to have a few toast and lamb skewers at a local bar.

Being present in your friendships can seem like just something else on your task list.  However, you need them and they need you.  Don’t neglect one of the most prized relationships you could possibly even attain.

Also, if you’re in D.C., you have until November 30th to visit the interactive exhibit,  “The Future of Sports.”



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