You can scale Pinterest or Cosmopolitan magazine for a million ways to keep your relationship sweet and spirited. However, a double date could be what you need to keep the spark going. It may be time to omit the traditional candlelight dinner and book a date night with your couple friends. That’s exactly what happened when my husband and I joined my best friend and her husband to experience Cavalia’s “Odysseo.” The four of us bonded as we watched the most talented cast of acrobats, riders, aerial artists, musicians, and horses under the world’s largest tent. Spending time with another couple can truly bring out the best in all of you. Cavalia’s VIP experience gave us an extraordinary night filled with #DateNightGoals. The magic of the show made us feel as if we were the next stars of a Disney fairytale. It was a double date night we couldn’t live down.

Photos by Lauren’s Camera Photography: http://laurenscamera.com

A usual date night for my husband and I consist of dinner, drinks and then a trip to count sheep. We, unintentionally and willingly, give in to the land of dreams on most Friday nights. Disclaimer: We’ve been together almost 8 years. Moreover, “there’s always tomorrow” seems to be our excuse for skipping out on a saucy night out on the town with friends. A usual double date night, for us, consists of laughing, games, dinner, drinks and real life talks about work and other straightlaced scenarios. We partake in these festivities at least a couple of times a month. It’s important to nurture the personalities of the relationship. Double dating does just that. It’s easy for things to get routine.

“Honey, how was your day?”

“What do you have planned for tomorrow?”

“Are you going to do this or that?”

Here are some steps to planning the ultimate double date:

Step 1: Choosing the Activity:
My best friend and I refer to our doting spouses at “the husbands.” When we scheduled the date night to Cavalia’s VIP experience, the two of us knew that “the husbands” would be curious about what all the night would entail. My husband just said, “Anywhere VIP sounds good to me.” Little did he know, we were about to experience “Cirque du Soleil with horses.” Odysseo by Cavalia is a Canadian masterpiece of trained horses, culture, and multiple theatrical components. The only trained horses my husband and I had seen were the ones we betted on at Derby. We were on a double date in that instance too! These are the kinds of experiences you should seek when you’re looking for a cultivating moment. Do something the two of you aren’t as acclimated to.

Photos by Lauren’s Camera Photography: http://laurenscamera.com

Step 2: Finding the Couple to Double Date With: 
Who you will double date with matters. Choose wisely. Find a couple that shares the same values as you, but that also has different perspectives. My best friend and I have known each other far longer than we’ve been with our husbands. Joining forces helped “the husbands” foster a relationship that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Photos by Lauren’s Camera Photography: http://laurenscamera.com

As we indulged in the gourmet food at Cavalia, we all chatted about sports, marriage and other juicy table-topping discussions. We learned from each other. It was a collective contribution of dialogue that perhaps wouldn’t be discussed on an individual couple basis. Most functioning couples act as a team. Exchanging notions with others derives ideas, passion, purpose, and teamwork. You’ll find yourself really embracing the word, “We”.

Photos by Lauren’s Camera Photography: http://laurenscamera.com

Step 3: Seek An Activity That Will Hold You Accountable for Celebrating Life with Your Partner.
As we sat in Cavalia’s VIP, we were surrounded by ambient lighting, meritorious artwork, a bar and a gourmet buffet. This was far from a typical game night at someone’s house. Occasionally, the two of you need to be reminded of what an awesome job you are doing as partners in life. Daily VIP isn’t a luxury for most of us. Moreover, on a one-off occasion, you and your spouse are more likely to talk each other out of splurging than you would if another couple was holding you to it! I once planned a couple’s game night that everyone canceled out on. More complex plans lead to a solidified commitment to celebrating life with your partner. My husband and I tend to book concerts, comedy shows and other thought-out dates with other couple friends. It holds us all accountable!

Photos by Lauren’s Camera Photography: http://laurenscamera.com

Step 4:  Dress Up
My husband sees me at my best and my worst! However, I love to see his face when I’m at my best and vice versa. The first thing we do when attending an event with others may be inquiring about the attire. Double dating makes you want to put your best foot forward as you step out as a couple. Again, you’re stepping out of your normal work clothes, workout clothes or Friday night woe clothes. You are owning the moment!

Step 5: Find Some Inspiration 

Lastly, pick a date night that will inspire the group. The many talents of the Cavalia’s “Odysseo” show left us all feeling like we could conquer the world. The acrobats were swinging from the ceiling with no harnesses. The riders were doing tricks on the horses as they galloped through the beautiful set. The musicians played every note perfectly as the show commenced. It truly was an awing production.

Double dating will, in fact, improve your relationship. Grab some friends and start expanding your horizon! P.S. Cavalia still has a few shows left! Check them out here.

Photos by Lauren’s Camera Photography: http://laurenscamera.com


  1. So amazing and a top notch date night! Company was top notch too. Had a blast and was completely blown out of the water by the spectacular show. Thanks for being my date!!!

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