This week started with a significant unreal event – Vegas. We watched cell phone footage of a catastrophe that we couldn’t have prepared ourselves for. Most media outlets released “Graphic Video” warnings to prepare us for our tumultuous reality. For many, the past three days have been bewilderment. Needless to say, as prevalent as bad things occur, we have to find a way to maintain inspiration and forge on. We have to thoroughly believe in the notion that the positive always outweighs the negative.

Renowned talk show host, Ellen Degeneres shared a response to Vegas that we all need. It served as a good reminder to have hope and to be kind! Though you may cry, you will be inspired.

Degeneres stated, “I don’t know about you, but I feel sad, I feel anxious, I feel helpless. It’s very easy to lose hope, but we cannot do that. I always say that there’s a lot more good in the world than there is bad, and I continue to believe that. And that is what we have to focus on.”

One has to admit that in the midst of strife, we are humbled. Just as I was getting ready to complain about some minuscule happenings in my own life, I was quickly reminded to be grateful, to be kind and a bunch of other adjectives that we all need to embody.

We tell kids to be good or else… Why don’t we tell our adult selves this? Being a good person never goes out of style. It only manifests hope that we live amongst positive people who want peace and prosperity! Here are 10 ways you can maintain hope.

    1. Subscribe to a Youtube Channel that delivers positive messages.
      • I love watching graduation speeches because they always drive home a message of a prosperous future.
    2. Listen to a Podcast that inspires and uplifts your spirit.
      • I love listening to sermons by T.D. Jakes and Francis Chan.  Instead of music, I feed my soul with their thoughtful messages!
    3. Pray and Meditate.
      • I started my prayer journal about 3 years ago.  It doesn’t get written in every day, but most day’s I put the pen to paper telling God everything that’s on my mind!  I also do yoga or pilates at least twice a week.  I find that I’m making myself focus on breathing and being in the moment through these exercises.
    4. Release some endorphins through a good workout session.
      • Sometimes, you’re just depleted.  You have given all you have to the world.  Rejuvenate with a workout group.  Motivating each other initiates that second wind needed to get through whatever you’re going through.
    5. Volunteer for a special cause.
      • As Ellen mentioned, droves of people came out to donate blood in the wake of the Vegas shooting.  In my opinion, giving is always better than receiving.
    6. Donate funds to somebody in need.
      • You don’t have to announce it to the world or draw out a big check.  $10, $20 or a free lunch can go a long way for a lot of people.
    7. Attend a community event or rally.
      • Sometimes we just need to get some things off our chest and know that we aren’t alone.  Social Media can be too invasive to do this.  So, perhaps go to a community meeting to voice your concerns or be amongst numbers who believe what you believe.
    8. Lend an ear to someone.  
      • Maybe it’s time you pick up the phone and call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while.  You never know what someone is going through.  Often times, they will never tell you first.  Extend the invitation and start the dialogue.
    9. Post something encouraging on Social Media.
      • Negativity or bizarre happenings coat social media every day.  Be the change you wish to see and share something positive.  Keep those kids, baby, marriage, love, new job, cute outfit posts coming.
    10. Find a reason to laugh! 
      • Some days, laughing can seem inevitable.  As a child, I thought I’d never stop laughing.  As an adult, life can be really serious.  Take a moment out to find a funny meme, hear a funny story, watch a comedy show.  You have to do what you have to do to exercise your heart, aka LAUGH!

I hope you’ve been inspired today!  I’m heading off to practice what I preach!



  1. These tips are great! This whole year has been heavy for a lot of people. I’m glad you’re sending a message of hope to hurting people in times like these. You never know who may need a simple smile to change the course of their day. The simple things really do add up.

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