Letting go of my name was hard. It was my late daddy’s name. And, I’d only been Jasmine Katrina Hockett for 27 years! Getting married was a transition worth discussion too. I could easily write two blogs on the beauty of both! These are commitment stories that I will share with people for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, I am truly excited to be Mrs. Sweet and to be married to the love of my life. Moreover, what fairy tale is complete without some conflict anyway? At least that’s how I internalized losing my daddy 6 months before officially becoming Mrs. Alex Wesley Sweet.

I’d been hard at work for months redesigning my blog when it dawned on me that I would soon be transitioning into this new woman. What did this look like? I didn’t know.
This independent woman was about to become one with my man. I don’t know about you all, but this was scary to me. Before I digress and any assumptions are made, “I deeply love my husband” – said with a southern belle’s accent as she serves a hot cooked meal and sweet tea on Sunday. He is my everything, but I was scared. I had all of these questions about who I would become. Would my ambition go away? Would he change who he was after saying I do? Would he get me the same way he gets me now? Will I be able to give him everything he needs? Will it be enough? Beyonce probably could have written her next album about me if she and I were besties and had exchanged concerns about marriage.

Production on my blog halted for a little while and I decided to welcome my new name with open arms. I love all the little things that happen with me and Mr.Sweet. I love that he ALWAYS calls me “Babe” instead of Jas. When he’d express frustration in the past, he’d been known to sound out all syllables of my first, middle and last name.  I love that he gives me advice. I love that he interrupts my afternoon naps by bursting into the room to tell me something that just happened on tv. I love that he cooks when I’m exhausted.
I love that he helps clean. (He works from home) I’m hitting the hay! I love that he’s willing to work with me through the difficult days of discussing finances, career decisions or other uncomfortable situations. I honestly, don’t know why I was so scared to get married. Being Mrs. Sweet has changed me for the better. I work harder and smarter for us. The future that we’re creating together will probably make it hard for our daughter to change her name too! Now, that’s called a legacy.

My husband recently told his Facebook 10-year-High School Reunion Group that he married a rich and ambitious woman. We’re still working on the first part. Ha! However, I think it is safe to say that our first 90 days has been a better than I imagined. I did go into it ready to take on all that my new identity had to offer! I called my sister one day and said, “I can’t believe I’m somebody’s wife.”  She said, “I can’t believe I’m somebody’s mom!” We laughed. Life is about embracing the changes and becoming the best version of yourself.

I partnered with HitchSwitch to help me get a grapple on the legal woes of changing my name to Jasmine Sweet. While I was busy honeymooning and swooning Mr.Sweet, they were busy putting together a package complete with all of the paperwork that I need to officially change my name on several different entities from the Social Security Administration to the DMV to credit cards to car insurance and more. If you need help transitioning the logistical aspects of identity, they are your go to. All other woes, I may be able to lend a few married people stories!


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