They say love lives in strange places. Well, I’d say friendship does too. The relationship that President Barack Obama has with his VP Joe Biden is one that makes us all smile, laugh, and cry. It’s that same relationship that Forrest Gump had with Bubba in one of America’s favorite movies. It’s the kind of relationship that festers in fellowship and genuine greatness through trials and triumph. We all enjoy watching it because it transcends all: race, demographics, and antagonism. It’s real. It’s what we want in our own friendships.


Here are two men who I’m sure to share a lot of the same sentiments, but also differ in so many ways. They’ve nearly got a 20-year age difference. If you know anything about generational differences, this could open up room for a whole different blog. One of the main conflicts that happen in the corporate world are derivatives of this same factor. It’s the dinosaurs vs. the spring chickens. Companies host seminars and workshops to combat it. However, 55-year-old, President Barack Obama, and 74-year-old Joe Biden seem to merge the gap. I can imagine that they’ve shared parenting advice once or twice and political rhetoric pointers here and there. I can imagine after disappointments that Obama faced, Biden was there to say, “Been there done that.” I’m not quoting. I’m just gloating on the genius of a friendship that encountered an age gap and survived. It worked!


Moreover, the two come from two different educational backgrounds. Ivy League vs. Non-Ivy League. Yes, your president, Barack Obama did graduate from Columbia University and Harvard University. Meanwhile, Ol’ Joe was the friend that traveled the opposite road attending the University of Delaware and Syracuse University. In 1987, he told the New York Times: “In his statement today, Mr. Biden, who attended the Syracuse College of Law and graduated 76th in a class of 85, acknowledged: ‘I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inaccurate.’”
From my experience having a few Ivy-league-graduate friends and myself being that of Ole’Joe, we have an interesting exchange of dialogue and debate that I appreciate! However, we genuinely enjoy a night out on the town with endless laughs and memories our ancestors would croak over about. One of my Ivy-League friends even left Law school at Harvard to go to Colombia because he said it was too stuffy. Perhaps the proposed exchange of the “serious student” and “class clown” helped elicit the many photos of the Obama and Joe laughing and the countless memes that kept us all entertained. P.S. I was the class clown and serious student.


Lastly, ethnicity. It’s clear to see that Barack Obama and Joe Biden may be different races, but they transcended that too! Furthermore, they transcended race relations even though they experienced them in two different skin tones and even different time periods. They showed the world that its okay to talk with your brother from another mother. They showed the world that if we work together, we can win! No matter the background, no matter the economic stature, no matter the other many details that we can come up with, let’s identify our common goal and work it out. Do the right thing.
In the words of Brody Jenner, this is what “Bromance” looks like! All politics aside, you’ve got to respect this relationship!

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