1. Have Tea Time:
In today’s terminology, we often associate tea with gloating gossip or even in some Instagram instances, a way to lose weight.  Yes… You’ve seen Kermit sipping.  And yes, girl…  You’ve seen all the celebrities posting their pictures of their bodies after tea! However, ancient rhetoric and holistic medicine stake claim on different tea drinking results of positivity.  There’s literally a tea for dealing with stress, constipation, body aches, sinuses and more.

As little girl’s we grow up practicing tea party etiquette with hosts of friends, some even imaginary.  The older we get, we forget the true essence of this time is where we listen to ourselves, heal our bodies holistically and spend that much-needed girl time together! I encourage you to delve into that same daintily, girly imaginary land with that empty tea cup that you still seemed to get so full from and have yourself some “tea time.”  You deserve to be full again.

2. Buy Yourself Some Flowers: 
I was never the girl who had my love story figured out.  I’ve always been somewhat independent in that respect.  I have an amazing fiancé that will jump over the moon for me, yet I still feel the need to do something sweet for myself like buy flowers.  While some may snarl at the thought of this, I actually enjoy going to the flower section in Kroger and buying myself some flowers.  There is something ephemeral about it that drives Alex to do even more.  No man likes competition.  They always want to win.  So show him, lady, and go buy you some flowers.  Let him know that you’ve got you covered!

3. Accomplish Something on Your Own: 
After college, I was told a million times, it’s all about who you know.  Can’t “X person” help you? I even heard some people complain about how no one would help them.  I won’t excite you with all the riveting movie plots I’ve encountered after college, but I will tell you that the best parts of the plots are the ones that I wrote, directed and acted alone.  Learn to expect the best from yourself, and exude everything in your being to make it happen with or without a penny or a bit of advice.

4. Keep a Secret:  I’ll never forget this one time that I went to interview at the White House.  I literally told no one, but my family and my two friends that I stayed with during my stay in D.C.  I didn’t want this part of the plot to be deterred or figured out by anyone other than me.  I prepped long and hard for this moment, and I knew whether it turned into a Grammy moment in my career or not, I didn’t have to make it headline news.  It was my accomplishment just to make it there.  It was my accomplishment to protect and nurture myself to being even better than before.  I kept it a secret from some of my closest friends for up to a year afterward.  As a result, that moment, the details are so sacred to me in a way that I know the power of their manifestation.

5. Talk to One if not Both of Your Parents:  Coming from a big family of 5 siblings, we hold very few secrets amongst each other.  We are the most, blunt bunch you might ever see.  The relationship that my parents hold with each of my siblings is an admirable one that we’ve each gained a host of meritorious qualities from.  Each time I talk with my parents, I ask questions about who, what, why, when and how.  Learning them as adult to adult is a pretty electrifying phenomenon.  Hearing my father, a small-town hero, talk about how he’s played artist such as Prince, R. Kelly, Selena Johnson and more has taught me that no dream is off limits.  Listening to my mom drop whatever she’s doing and say I’m going to be by your sister or your brother’s side is something that teaches you the power of womanhood.  Sometimes, she moves so fast and so calmly, that you may even think she’s Casper.  So, I urge you to talk to your parents.  It is vital.  They’re telling you a story that could depict your future. Spend time with them.  Enjoy them.  They knew your name before you were born.


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