I don’t know about you, but I don’t look like much when I’m going to my usual workout regimes.  I’m usually mentally taxed out and ready to turn in by the time I get to ready to turn-up at hot yoga or to my gym.  I must say it’s refreshing to see women like Gabby Douglas look normal!  Shes sweating  profusely day in and day out to achieve perfect stunts, flips, and tricks that would leave any of us with broken limbs, let alone, as some of you have called out, “raggedy edges.”  I can appreciate a real woman who’s focus is not her appearance but her craft.  Take notes, we could all get some inspiration here.

We, women, are hard on each other.  I’m sure it takes confidence to achieve the kind of perfection these ladies exhibit on the world stage.  Gabby Douglas is well aware of her hair and her heroism.  Perhaps, we should find that same grounding in ourselves.

I’d like to propose a serious question:  Why is it that men can fumble around on a football field with bolstering bellies and interesting hair, but no words are spoken?  Moreover, Football players are hiding under helmets and padding.  Gymnast literally bare it all!

As a pageant girl, the swimsuit competition is the scariest thing I ever did.  I’m just not that comfortable showing my body to the world.  Again, I’ll resort back to my first premise, it’s refreshing to see real women compete for what they want in bodysuits and as bare as they can come with hair in a bun, minimal makeup, and chalked bodies.  Gabby Douglas isn’t hiding from you.  She’s sharing with you that it’s okay to be bare it all and be you.  Find that same grounding in yourself!

Workout videos of the past and present show women in full faces of makeup and perfectly styled hair.  Truthfully, these very videos create distortions of reality that make women feel inadequate and cause negative commentary against perfectly skilled Olympian,Gabby Douglas.  I’d rather be in a gym full of any kind of women than to be tortured by unrealistic expectations of a workout video.

I guarantee that if I walked on that world stage, I’d be picked apart for various flaws.  I can appreciate Gabby Douglas for being real.  For making me feel like, it’s okay to be real too.  Gabby Douglas is the complete package of everything!

It’s been known for Olympians to get endorsements for cereal boxes, etc. I suggest we all buy a deluxe box of Gabby Douglas Everything?!  Perhaps we will attain some of her most prized qualities: Confidence, Poise, Determination, Charisma and the list goes on!


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