I went into parenthood with the notion that Baby Reign would come into this world a bold little lady that would shape her own future. So when I thought about decorating her nursery, her space, I wanted it to be minimal and peaceful. I wanted it to only encompass the basic needs and a few pieces that would be along for her journey. “Baby won’t sleep in her room for the first few weeks of life” is what I’d heard over and over again, but that didn’t stop me from creating an oasis that spoke safety and serenity.

Ashley Furniture’s Baby & Toddler line offered an array of products to meet my vision. The acrylic convertible crib gave me an openness that I wanted myself and Reign to feel. No limits to those sweet dreams could be had in this sleeping space. The plush rocking chair was just what I needed to read children’s books of affirmation, heroism, and promise. I imagine keeping this chair forever and telling Reign all about our memories here. “Here, is where you took pictures every day after mom got you dressed.” “Here is where mom and dad laughed deliriously as we rocked you back to sleep.” The brass changing table is where the magic of Babydom happens with baby massages, diapering, etc. It’s where moms and dads literally watch the baby grow and change through diaper sizes and clothes. As the sun goes down, the Marlie floor lamp comes on illuminating the room just enough to soothe the soul. As mom is sorting through the drawers of the Finley dresser for the most comfortable nighties, Baby Reign is relaxing and stretching, and eventually crawling on the Surya floor rug. That’s it. That’s what I needed in my nursery to meet my vision.

As for personal touches, I added a gallery wall to my daughters nursery. No murals of animals, but memories of her vibrant life will line the wall just behind her crib always reminding her to live and dream big. My husband and I have decided to do quarterly photoshoots to add to the wall. As you plan for your child’s nursery, choose sentimental value over just stuff. Toys and things add up over the weeks, months and years, make sure you’re taking up your child’s space with the right pieces.

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