An empowered Black family is a testament in our times. There was a day when families were split by force and marriages weren’t acknowledged in the legal system. Today, we see economic stimulation, mental, emotional, and spiritual cultivations, and entrepreneurial growth in black homes worldwide. Not only is there a foundation of love, but there are shared goals that are breaking generational curses and creating healthy and wealthy trajectories for generations to come. Enjoy the testimonials of couples who’ve shared years of relationship bliss while building admirable lifestyles amidst societal odds. They’re making history through their love stories.

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Alex and Jasmine Sweet – Dating, Marriage and Entrepreneurship

Jasmine Sweet is an avid lifestyle blogger and influencer at JasmineSweet.Blog.  She shares sweet lifestyle tips on topics ranging from beauty to travel to fashion.  She has written features in Huffington Post, Southern Weddings, and Forbes.  Through blogging, she has worked with numerous brands including Spanx, Uber, Delta, Olay, HP, and more. Jasmine is also a Marketing Project Manager at iHeartRadio. 

Alex Sweet is a model for the Block Agency. He is also a pharmaceutical sales rep for Abbvie Pharmaceuticals. In his spare time, he is a content manager for JasmineSweet.blog. You can also find him keeping it real on the Raw Room Podcast.

Aaron and Terece McGee – Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing

Aaron McGee is a podcaster and currently host Fatherhood Is DOPE the Podcast, a platform that highlights Fathers who show up in the life of their children on a consistent basis. He’s an Executive Leader profession whose career in the non-profit sector spans from roles as Program Director, Executive Director, CEO, and currently serves as the Vice President at the Oasis Center (Nashville, TN). Are spends a great deal of time creating content that covers the spectrum of his personal interests like skating, physical fitness (HIIT Training), fashion, and family. While working to balance content that focuses on his professional endeavors like Executive Leadership coaching, Youth Advocacy, Podcasting, and general multimedia production. 

Terece McGee is a Marriage and  Family Therapist pursuing licensure at The Briggs Institute. She is passionate about helping others thrive in harmonious relationships with themselves and others. Her areas of special clinical interest include: life transitions, relationship distress, premarital/marital therapy, self-worth, depression, anxiety, emotional distress, work-life balance, and self-care(spoiler alert** it’s more than just bubble baths and vacation, y’all). 

Prior to becoming a therapist, Rece worked as a Fashion Merchandiser at an apparel manufacturing company for eight years. Outside of being an advocate for mental health, Rece is a fashion enthusiast, music lover, professional napper, mommy to an adorable 4 year old, and personal assistant to her husband, Aaron lol.

Ready to have a seat on the couch? Rece is currently accepting new clients. You can contact her directly and learn more about her therapeutic approach by visiting www.thebriggsinstitute.com/recemcgee

Marcus and Jamaria Johnson – Economic Empowerment of the Black Family

Jamaria Johnson is a lifestyle blogger at ThroughJamsEyes.com. Through Jam’s Eyes is a source of inspiration for living life intentionally with kindness and a smile. She shares positive and uplifting content surrounding her daily life, which includes marriage, travel, and personal style. Through blogging, she has worked with numerous brands and made valuable connections that are priceless. Outside of blogging, Jamaria is a full-time Operations Manager for a corporate company, and she also has a podcast with her husband Marcus, entitled ‘Our House the Podcast’.

Marcus Johnson is an experienced and knowledgeable financial planner from Nashville, TN. He owns a financial services company, Johnson Capital Planning, LLC, where they offer a range of services from financial planning to retirement planning. Marcus is also an accomplished jazz musician and has played in many places with a range of artists from Elle Varner to John Legend. He has an album on iTunes entitled ‘Passion Speaks Louder’. Marcus co-hosts a podcast with his wife Jamaria, entitled ‘Our House the Podcast’.

Nate and Jasmine Dary – Entrepreneurship and Parenthood

Jasmine Dary is the founder and CEO of Twisted Corks, where she teaches people how to ‘sip with confidence’ through private wine & spirits tasting experiences. Along with breaking down barriers for women and people of color in the wine industry, Jasmine believes in bringing people together through wine, knowledge, and laughter. She and her team now offer virtual experiences as well as private space rentals through the luxury AirBnbs she manages in downtown Nashville. Find out more at www.twistedcorks.co or email twistedcorksco@gmail.com

Nate Dary is a certified personal trainer (CPT) with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has an extensive background from training amateur and professional athletes to everyday professionals and entry-level fitness enthusiasts. He’s the co-owner of M.A.D.E. Fitness located in Nashville and most recently in the Nashville Fire Academy on track to graduate in April to be a Firefighter. He can be reached at VizionaireBiz@gmail.com

Barrett and India Newsome – Marriage and Family Wellbeing/ Entrepreneurship

Barrett Newsome is a professional multi-platform marketer. By trade, he is a Manager of Consumer Marketing at Ingram Content. Barrett also spent seven years working for Sony Music in artist marketing and royalties. He has been able to leverage his skill set to become a successful entrepreneur in the driving arena. Using his passion for music and his comedic timing, he currently hosts the She & I Podcast alongside his wife, India Newsome. New episodes premiere every Tuesday. 

India Newsome is a small business owner and event producer. Her shop, Pink Little Birdie, carries a variety of self care tools and home goods. She is also the event producer of She Did A Thing Pop-Up, a vendor event catering to Black, women-owned businesses. In addition to her own creative endeavors, she co-hosts She & I Podcast alongside her husband, Barrett, where they discuss a wide variety of marital topics. When she’s not being creative, she’s a full time mom.

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