I anticipated this first Monday of the year. Over the break, I started writing down my thoughts in the notes section of my phone. I in no way will complete any of what my mind has concocted in this first Monday of the New Year or the first month, but I will mark DONE beside each thought that I’ve written down at some point.

Within those written notations, baby steps will overwhelm me, or I simply won’t feel like doing them. Then, I’ll remind myself of how major projects are done – only through submissions over time. Time is on our side. Be at Peace this year knowing that each step you take is in some direction, whether right or not – you’ll find out along the way. Then, you’ll twist and turn your way into a masterpiece that you never thought you could derive. It’s happening for you in 20TwentyWON. Stay the course, friends. However, if you get inundated with stress, you’ll retreat from any of it. So my theme for this year is Peace Through the Process. I don’t have a word because I feel many words will describe this year.

Here are some tips that can help you ease into the New Year.


Start a spiritual practice that will help you to surrender and allow positive thoughts to flow. Morning prayer and journaling helps me settle into the day, knowing that everything I am getting ready to do is much bigger than me. I start my day reading a devotional and writing down my prayers. Then, I name aloud what I am grateful for.

Prioritize Your Health and Wellness

Just know that if this isn’t in check, nothing else can flourish. Establish a routine to move your body. Are you going to workout classes this year? Are you getting a trainer? Are you going to do Youtube workouts? Do you need a nutritionist? Are you going to going to a therapist this year? When are you going to go to your annual wellness check? Did you book your routine dental cleaning? Get clear on your health objectives.

Categorize Your Todo List

You aren’t going to get it all done at one time, and if you stare at it for too long and it’s as confusing as your thoughts, you won’t get anything done. What do you need to get done at work? What do you need to get done for entrepreneurial ventures? What do you need to get done for yourself? What do you need to get done for your family? What do you need to do for your house?

Set Longterm and Short Term Goals

Get set on what you can take care of Today and what will take you a little while to do. Maybe it’s a goal you want to achieve, but realistically you don’t have the time, money, or resources to make it happen Today. That is okay. Go ahead and set it out in the future. Please give it a deadline so that you will still make it happen.

Take care of Administrative Tasks

We all have small things to do like renewals of this licensure or training you needed to complete at work or booking appointments for XYZ. Take care of these tasks for the week, starting on Mondays. Giving this a set day allows you to do follow-ups throughout the week and enough lead time to shift things around if you need to.

Do One Thing at a Time

I’m a born multitasker. This one is actually for me. I can be found washing clothes at the same time that I’m cooking at the same time that I am working on a project at work. It can be all too much and leaves room for mistakes on all fronts. The list that you categorized earlier will cut down on this. One thing that needs your attention is what you are doing at that time. Be present. The rest can wait.

Set Your Intentions for the Day, Month, and Year

Give yourself a word or a phrase and stick to it. Let it carry you through the many tasks of the day, month, and year. Setting your intention will allow you to be strong through the weakest of moments. It can be as simple as finding an inspirational post on Instagram or going through countless motivational posts on Pinterest.

Set Your Monthly Budget

Understand thoroughly your financial state and where you intend it to be at the end of each month. Start a spreadsheet that details your bills, income, and savings. Doing this does not have to be complicated. If it’s only a few lines in excel, then so be it. Upload your spreadsheet to Google Sheets so that it’s easily accessible. Share it with your spouse if you have one. You need to set clear guidelines on what you can and cannot do to maintain or seek good financial standing. Getting into the practice of seeing your finances on a spreadsheet and shifting those numbers around will help you meet your yearly financial goals.

Lastly, don’t forget to unwind EVERY NIGHT.

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