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As wild as Mother Nature is, she knows what’s best for us. I’ve always taken natural remedies into account when it comes to my beauty routine, and luckily, my green thumb helps me maintain a plant that serves so much justice. Meet Mother Aloe!

She is the producer of a miracle gel known for cooling properties as well as healing properties. The benefits of the natural Aloe Vera gel are grand for everyday beauty usage, and I take full advantage of that. The plant gel consists of a variety of much-needed vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. It also has minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium. If you’re canvassing for beauty products, here is an extract that you don’t want to miss.


Having utilized my aloe plant on my skin and hair at home, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to implement the usage of Pantene’s Gentle Cleansing with Aloe Extract Collection. This collection is brand new and exclusive to Dollar General. The dynamic duo of shampoo and conditioner are free of parabens, dyes, and mineral oil. The cleansing shampoo is silicone-free as well, which is excellent for allowing moisture to nourish the hair shafts. Better yet, the new Pantene products are at a comparable price of $5.99 for the amazing benefits of aloe extract. If aloe can heal burned skin and cure zits, it can for sure work wonders on your hair strands.  



Wash day is a full-on spa day at my house, and here is how I do it using these two products.

Step 1:

Pantene Gentle Cleansing with Aloe Extract Shampoo: 

I use the silicone-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free and dye-free Gentle Cleansing with Aloe Extract Shampoo to remove any impurities. I love how gentle it feels as I conjure up the suds throughout my curls. It is gentle enough for permed or color-treated hair. I only wash my hair once a week, but the cleansing shampoo is gentle enough for you to use every day if you’d like.  

For my hair type, I massage the product into my hair, lather, rinse and repeat. If your hair is anything like mine in thickness, I’d say 2-3 times of this routine should do the trick.

IMG_4079 2

Step 2:

I use the paraben-free, mineral oil-free, dye-free Gentle Cleansing with Aloe Extract Conditioner after washing because it includes moisturizing lipids, which gently conditions to leave hair feeling strong, soft, and flowing. I love when my curls are flowing and bouncy, and I can attest to this product producing such results. After washing, apply the cleansing conditioner all over and comb it from your scalp to your ends. This way, you ensure that you’ve covered every strand. I usually put on a shower cap and sit for at least 10 minutes. Then, rinse the conditioner out with cold water. I’ve noticed this helps maintain the moisture of my hair.  

Lastly, both of these products protect and enhance your natural look. That should always be the goal of any product. The Pantene Gentle Cleansing with Aloe Extract Collection is worth your while and can change the trajectory of your hair health.

The next time you’re shopping at Dollar General, be sure to pick up the Pantene Gentle Cleansing with Aloe Extract Collection.  


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