I started going to a new gym, and after each workout, they drilled the importance of drinking protein shakes.  I’d heard this before so I figured it must be true that I need to drink protein shakes and lift weights if I want to lose weight or get in “best shape of my life.”  I’d even heard that I needed to eat more which could’ve been right because I was only taking the time to eat during lunch and dinner and then embarking on rigorous workouts for no less than 5 hours a week.  

So, I decided to give the protein shakes a try and I drank no less than two a day. I did them as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch, and then, I’d have my usual meal at dinner.  I started lifting weights and stayed off the scale as I’d been warned to combat my self-diagnosed body dysmorphia – where your body looks entirely different for you than others think and the scale makes you obsess like a crazy person.  No less than 5 days a week, I could be seen pounding out yoga, cycling, kickboxing, and more classes.  My cardio health was impeccably good, but I began to gain weight over the weeks.  I remember getting on the scale one week last summer thinking how is it possible that I’ve gained 20 pounds.  I didn’t see much difference in my clothing, and my body was solid as a rock.  The protein shakes had managed to make me hefty not lean and healthy as I’d heard in the gym.  


So, around August I gave them up and decided to just stick to a consistent workout routine.  I also started switching up my workouts from day to day and week to week.  I didn’t do the same thing every day of the week or every week.  I rotated between barre, yoga, running, stair stepping, kickboxing, lifting weights, cycling and more.  I also cut out sugar and carbs except for the weekend.  

Then, I started guzzling water.  I also started getting back on the scale for occasional check-ins.  It’s good to see where you are every once in a while so that you don’t look up and see that your health is entirely out of control.  

I’ve always worked out so I honestly couldn’t figure out the sudden weight gain.  Therefore, I started with the process of elimination.  Number one being the protein shakes.  Next up was going to be my birth control.  Whatever it was that was throwing my body out of whack had to go before it became unmanageable.  



I urge you to choose your own path and take advantage of your health.  Sometimes listening to others about what you should do with your body is the worst thing for you.  Make sure to do the research and trial and error what works.  Lastly, love your body at all sizes because as a woman, you truly never know what your body is going to do from day to day let alone month to month and year to year.  Be ready to make modifications at any point.  Your health and well-being are worth it. 



If you are looking for proteins to incorporate into your diet, I’d say try natural sources like boiled eggs, turkey, salmon, and other sources of protein.

If you’re a member of a gym, try going to classes.  I’ve found that classes keep me committed and engaged in the process of staying healthy!  

I want you to understand that there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss or being healthy.  

You merely have to try different things and take note of how your body reacts.  This blog post is not about counting calories, trying diet pills or trying to receive an unrealistic body type.  I’m a curvy girl, and I love it!  Whatever your body type is will respond differently to different things.  Protein shakes may work for you!  They did not for me.  It is about learning how to create your own lane of health progression!  The only industry standard that I believe works across the board is to move your body.  Studies show that exercise not only improves your physical wellbeing, but it also improves your mental wellbeing!  You’d be surprised at what small goals over months can do for you.  Set goals like walking 5,000 steps a day or doing 30-second planks every day for 90 days straight.  I’ve found that these small incremental goals have helped me far greater than killing myself through rogue diets and 2-a-days at the gym. 

This outfit is sponsored by Hibbett’s Sports. 


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