It was a beautiful day in downtown Nashville as more than 6,000 people traveled to Music City Center for Dollar General’s “A Day of Beauty.”  The crowd was greeted with brands such as Revlon, Wet ‘n Wild, Universal Beauty Products, Dark and Lovely, Creme of Nature, Covergirl and so many more.  Lines of people gathered at each booth to try all of the new and existing products.  Brand experts gave knowledge talks and tutorials on “Beauty Row.”  As the energy thumped through vibrant consumers, the brands poured into the community.   It was a true celebration of “Beauty from the inside out.”  

Each year Dollar General plans for the event which is free to the public.  Being involved with it as a consumer or a brand is a true inspiration.  XPO’s such as these allows for the consumer/ brand relationships to be further cultivated.  Many of the brands brought influencers with them to give real-time accounts and testimonials of their usage of the products.  Dollar General’s key influencers helped to keep the excitement and energy going.  The group included Kayelle White, Naja Rickette, Rachel Odem, Candice Straughther,  Lena Hambrick,  and Alesha Faulkner.   This group with more than 100k followers was able to reach local and national audiences with their coverage of the event.



Beauty Panel gave riveting testimonials and initiated a thought-provoking conversation around the idea of beauty.  The team of four panelists really gave insightful tips based off of their experiences in their respective fields.



The place was filled with interactive activations such as photo booths, ice cream stands and more!  The individualistic marketing approaches of each brand definitely made each and every participant feel connected and beautified.  

All the while, celebrity guest, Elise Neal gave a motivational speech about beauty to an enthused audience.  This definitely put a special aura of moral in the convention centers air.  Tina Campbell graced the Music City Center stage with melodious notes.  Having these two celebrity guest was a nice element to the Day of Beauty.  




“Beauty is within the eye of the beholder” is a common statement that we hear all too much.  While it holds validity, event’s such as Dollar General‘s A Day of Beauty allows us to celebrate all of those perspectives.  It was an opportunity for women and men of all different backgrounds to come together and share tips and trades that work for them.  The event is a great way to be exposed to the latest techniques.  As mass consumer’s of many products on the shelves, it is a for sure way to get acclimated with the best products!  Industry experts and representatives were definitely present to educate the consumers.  This beauty industry is evolving every day! Until next year, shop Dollar General for the best bargains and follow Beauty Cents Magazine for the latest beauty tips!

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