Guest Post written by Alana Warren: 

Graduating from Tennessee State University on May 9, 2015 was one of the best days of my life. The exhilaration I felt from sitting in the blazing sun at Hale Stadium amongst other young, prosperous people made me realize that I had completed a major milestone. No feeling could replace what I was feeling during commencement. As I walked across the stage and heard my family and friends cheering for my success, I was absolutely elated. However, the plan I thought I had for my life would turn out differently over the course of the next few years.

According to my collegiate goal, I was set to go to Law school and become an attorney that specialized in Immigration Law. That was THE ULTIMATE goal for me to accomplish post-graduation. However, as adulthood took over, I felt it’s wrath.  I started working a job that helped me quickly realize that law school was not for me.  I was at a corporate, litigation firm where I worked as a Legal Assistant. In this role, I was exposed to the time constraint that many attorneys faced daily while consumed with loads of paperwork, court dates and client meetings.  It showed me the confinement’s of the profession.  Through this experience, I learned that you’ve got to try something out in order to whether or not it is for you.

Not only did I realize that the profession was of my aspirations, but I was not comfortable in the 9 to 5 setting.  The thought of doing it for the rest of my career was and is still daunting.  I began searching for other career opportunities where I could express my creativity and enhance my quality of life. The way the world is now, it’s almost as if broadcasting your creative side is worthy to be explored. It is truly self-gratifying to truly follow your dreams.

I’ve been on this journey for nearly 2 years now.  I’m still navigating the transition from college, and I want to share three ways that I’m remaining positive while figuring out my place in this real world jungle!


  1. Self-Motivation Is Key

Throughout 2016 I experienced a high in life, a point where I felt secure in myself and my abilities to stay centered on a career plan. In 2017, I began to feel my life spiral out of my control. It was taking its’ own rough path and guiding me down with it. Yet, during this time, I remained self-motivated despite feeling tired or stressed. Motivation always start within.   You have to tell yourself every day that your dreams matter and that you will do what is necessary to accomplish them!

  1. Trust the Struggle.

While dealing with your own personal struggles, you have to be confident that it gets better.  It is only temporary, and life is all about finding out ways to the golden ticket. The struggle will humble you, strengthen gratitude and push you to the extreme where you’ll have no other choice, but to escape it.  That’s why it is a significant part in anyone’s growth process. Embrace it!

  1. New Beginnings: Learn to Accept & Cherish Change

Since my personal struggles in 2017, I have moved to Chicago for graduate school.  The move is providing a new environment and opportunities that I am embracing with full throttle. Before the move to Chicago, I was nervous and excited.  I was unsure of what to expect.  Nevertheless, I accepted the journey and I’m taking it one day at a time.  The experience is wonderful thus far. Nonetheless, it is a journey of new struggles that I’m certain I can handle!  I’m cherishing this new beginning with all of the joy!


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