You’re at work staring at your screensaver, daydreaming about your next vacation to sandy, white beaches.  All you can imagine is that sultry sun hitting your skin as you lay all of your cares aside.  If you can relate, but you haven’t had very much time to plan for such a getaway, you may want to do a staycation.  Trust that your hometown has a place tucked away that will help you experience the global phenomenon that you’re longing for.

My husband (Mr.Sweet) and I work pretty hard.  If we aren’t giving our all to our jobs, we’re hosting friends or family for the weekend.  When we can, we try to escape it all if only for one night just to rest and experience something new!  We’d recently experienced a stay at 21C Museum Hotel Louisville and we loved it!  We loved being introduced to artwork with such depth and intensity all while in a relaxing setting.  Thereof, we chose to stop staring at our phones and computers for one second and go experience 21C Museum Hotel Nashville!  Since this is home for us, we weren’t sure what to expect.  Most of the local museums encompass exhibitions of local art or history.   Even the hotels cater to Nashville’s traditional landscape.  Let’s face it, most hotel’s in any major city cater to that city’s national reputation.  However, we were in for a sweet night when we checked into 21C Museum Hotel Nashville.

Our artist-curated suite was perfect for we, Sweets!  It was designed by actor, Adrian Grenier.  The media themed suite challenges one to immerse themselves in the whole process of media.  In a day and age where we are all active members of the media, it really forces you to examine the roles of celebrity and identity.  If you’ve never thought of this before, it might be eye-opening to think about where you may fit into the big picture as an active participant in social media.  Rather you want to or not, you are helping to frame and mold the society as we know it through this very medium.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Grenier feels today’s focus on social media causes some to “retreat into the safety of the channels that confirm our own bias and reflect our ego and identity.” It’s a new time, he says, and it’s interesting to watch who’s considered famous. “Now that we all have access … what do we do with that power?” wonders Grenier. “Are we going to use it for something positive and uplifting and healthy for our society, or are we going to seek the same narcissism and attention and ego that classic celebrities have?”  It is an interesting concept to think about!




Nevertheless, the suite was vibrant and flashy, yet mellow and relaxing with its usage of cool colors and calming grey tones.  It was filled with intricate artwork, vintage magazines, dvds and media propaganda.  For one night in an art museum, it was a pretty sweet experience!  We even enjoyed a hearty breakfast before canvassing the hallways of all types of art.  There were photographs that changed if one takes a photo of it with a flash.  There are interactive exhibits.  There are pieces so prodigal that all you can do it stare at it and take in its magnificence.







The best part is, you never have to step foot outside of the hotel to enjoy food, exhibitions or anything more.  From the moment you check in, you’re drafted down the hall to the lovely, Gray and Dudley restaurant.  The tantalizing aroma certainly lives up to its taste.  A group of friends and I enjoyed an array of foods from Smoked Chicken Wings to the Artisan Cheese Plate.  Moreover, the staff knows the menu very well and can explain each entre to the tee.




Lastly, 24 hours may not seem like a long time to relax, but it can be if you enjoy the best of food, art, and accommodations all in one spot!  Visit a 21C Museum Hotel today!

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