We’ve all started at 0 when it comes to starting a new project.  Some of us will grow exponentially and some slowly.  Some of us have never even started projects we’d love to work on for fear of rejection or failure.  It’s real.  Even some the largest companies that you patronize today started at 0.  Someone had a dream and they decided it was worth all the risks, trials and triumphs along the way.  No one starts knowing the end.  And I think that is what I want you to remember while reading my WHY!

I’ll never forget starting my blog 8 years ago and how nervous I was to publish it.  I had countless doubts drowning out the cheers.  Am I going to be politically correct?  Will I be grammatically correct?  Will I say something offensive?  Will people read it?  What will they think of me when I say I’m a blogger?  The year was 2010, and Tumblr and Blogger were all the rage amongst creatives, but not necessarily the general public.  Most people were just getting into social media and all of its power.  People had not quite figured out what the landscape of this whole digital world would entail.  That was good for me, but also very challenging because I didn’t know where I’d fit into it.  Will it be a fad? What if I put a lot of energy in to?  Am I wasting my time?


I almost let it stop me.  Along the journey, I’ve almost quit plenty of times.  There were times, I felt no one was reading or no one was benefiting from what I was being vulnerable enough to share.  It was discouraging, but I keep living and something kept telling me to share, share and share.  “Who cares who will read it?  If one person reads it, I’ve made progress,” I’d tell myself.  Then years went by and I kept sharing and emails, texts, and social media notifications slowly came in affirming my purpose in blogging.  Now, I’m ready to share my platform with other’s who may want to share their stories.  I want my platform to serve as an empowering tool where people share all kinds of moments!

Just know, I’ve thought about this for a very long time.  It scares me, but I’m doing it!  I’ve worked hard to build my brand, but I think it’s time to share what I’ve built.

I’ve partnered with Miss Design Berry, who designed my wedding invitations, for my new guest blogger badge!  A year ago, you couldn’t have told me they’d be designing this for guest bloggers to utilize!  See how far a START can take you?  I am open and ready to take this journey with you all.  If you are ready to take the leap and tell your story on my platform, go ahead and submit a blog! I cannot wait to see where I am this time next year!

For any questions email hello@jasminesweet.blog!


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