It’s 2018 and you are engulfed in trying to figure out the best plan of action for your new year’s resolutions.  The best thing you can do is find a conference to kick off your momentum and help you streamline your plan.  Most people think creating massive vision boards or buying a new journal will do the trick.  However, there is a more refined way of strategically enacting your plan.  As your mind races with all of these ideas and you’ve written them down in all the places you can think of, you still need the motivation and or tools and tricks to get the job done.  That is exactly my sole reason for heading back to Urban Digital this year.  Conferences offer a mere multitude of opportunities and education that you may not be able to access through sufficient time or means.  Here is your chance to create a future for yourself through a variety of training lectures ranging from Crafting A #Winning Digital Strategy to Online Branding That Drives Revenue.  We live in a digital, monetary metropolis and that means that we must act accordingly.  You can only help yourself by attending this year’s conference.

  1. Urban Digital is a Humbling Experience 
    • Last year, I served as a presenter.  I went in with a carefully crafted workshop that would help any individual.  Then, I met a host of individuals who were working on various projects from podcasts to apps to fashion blogs and more. It was truly humbling.  A few told their stories of how they built their businesses.  Many shared the struggles of entrepreneurship.  Other’s told stories of their delightful dreams.  The creative vibes flowed.  It almost felt as if I were in a rowboat with an Olympic Team navigating the English Channel.  The motivation I received from each person there was indescribable.   Many people choose to hear motivational speakers in order for them to find their passions.  Let me convey to you that working alongside people who are embarking on similar creative journeys can also inspire you to do better and be better.  urbaanite7-1
  2. Urban Digital is a 1-Stop Shop 
    • Whatever your business is in today’s time requires vast skillsets.  The internet has required us all to step up in ways that we never imagined.  Customer service must have 100% response rates.  Reviews can be made about your business through sites such as Angie’s List or Google.  Your activity rates can be calculated and shared on social media.  Analytics are constant conversations amongst your peers and consumers.  You don’t have another choice, but to thoroughly understand each component or find someone who does.  Urban Digital will offer you just that.  You will hear from an array of speakers and participants that will help you create checks and balances for those plans on your vision board or in your journal.  It is a 1-Stop Shop where you can obtain a variety of information in a short amount of time.
  3. Urban Digital Catapult Your Career
    • Last year, I presented at Urban Digital.  I walked away with a whole new set of friends and opportunities in Nashville.  I had only been in Nashville for 9 months at the time.  I’ve been here for nearly 2 years to date.  One relationship in that catapulted my career was with Sarah Patton, the Founder of Creative Souls Tribe.   We met at Urban Digital.  She asked me to speak at her conference last fall.  There, I met another friend, Kirbee Miller of Kinimi Kitchen.  Kirbee and I have worked on 2 collaborations to this date.  It’s a domino effect of networking.  These are the kinds of relationships that you can cultivate and catapult your career too.  It’s all the more reason for you to join me at Urban Digital this year.


Lastly, there are endless opportunities for your year 2018.  I, wholeheartedly, believe that.  Be sure to gather all your tools in your shed and get to work.  Lock yourself in there if you have too.  Just be sure to make Urban Digital your first stop.  I can’t wait to see you at Urban Digital 2018!

Grab your tickets here for the January 20th conference!



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