On this day last year, it had been exactly 1 month and about 10 days since I lost my dad.  Things were still fresh when I would receive some interesting news about a major detail of my wedding.  I’m not ready to tell you more, but I may one day!  I remember feeling like this whole year would be doomed.  I cried and cried.  However, just know, there is always a silver lining.  Thank God.  That silver lining was my takeaway from 2017!

I always look forward to New Year’s Eve.  I have big plans and goals all mapped out and ready to achieve.  And this past year’s NYE was no different.  I’d been working for Grammy Award Winning Artist, Dom Flemons as a Communications Director.  He happened to be performing at the world-famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN! That’s where I would ring in the new year with my best friends under the glory of musical stars and spirits of hope!  This was my glimmer of goodness on what seemed to damper my whole year before it ever began!  After that night, the tone of my year was set.  It wasn’t an immediate fix as I had to grow into the fact that things would get better.  However, the moral of the story is that things do just that.  They get better!  As I recollect this year, things got a whole lot better!  Here are my top 10 best moments on calendar order!


Over 40 of my friends traveled from near and far to celebrate with me.  This is a testament to the mutual relationships that I have with them and them with me!  In this year, remember, you must give some to get some!  Good friendships are reciprocated.  A simple text to ask how someone is doing or an hour-long conversation to talk someone off of the cliff is necessary.  We all want to be loved.


Nine of my best friends traveled to Vegas and celebrated the #LastTreatBeforeMrsTreat in the best way.  My girls booked a dream suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel overlooking the Bellagio fountains!  We had the best 72 hours ever! The laughs, the tears, and the sweet gestures are moments I will cherish forever.  Essence Magazine even featured it! What a nice surprise to the display of genuine friendship?



THIS IS THE GREATEST BLESSING OF MY YEAR.  I talk about it all the time, but I am so grateful for the love that I share with my husband!  It’s truly sweet.  Seven is the number of completion.  On the 7th year of dating, we became one!  I’ve never felt more joyful, loving and giddy!  People say marriage is hard.  I beg to differ.  I think its fun to always have someone to live with!  God did not create us to go this journey alone.  I couldn’t have imagined nor prayed for a better man! I love my partner in crime, and I’m having the time of my life!



I focused for months on creating informative and intuitive content!  I renamed my blog to match my new identity –  from Jasmine Hockett to Jasmine Sweet!  That was a big step being that I could only hope for my audience to grow familiar with my new brand fast!  The blog launched on August 1st!  To date, I’ve worked with over 30 brands and been the busiest I’ve ever been.  After 8 years of blogging, my hard work and consistency are paying off!


I have a list of places I want to be published and this was one!  I was more than happy to have checked this one off of the list.  I had a dear friend connect me with this awesome opportunity!  After a gazillion revisions and over 60 emails exchanged over my first blog, I was published! #Goals


I had just started working with brands when I received an email inquiring about working with me.  For one, I was shocked.  No brands had reached out to me.  I was pitching to at least 20 brands a day.  The email debriefed who Evereve’s typical target audience was (moms.)   I remember replying back saying, “Well I’m not a mom, but I would love to work with you all.”  They wanted to work with me too!  To this date, this has been my most prized partnership.  You never know what will land in your lap.  It also might not come packaged exactly the way you think it will.  Take it for what it is and morph it into a meritorious masterpiece!



It was 2011.  I had just graduated from college and couldn’t find a job.  My first job out of college was a sales associate at Macy’s.  Fast forward to 2017, and I’ve booked a brand partnership with them!  I still say wow and look forward to this continued partnership!


Believe it or not, some people pay to have their weddings featured in bridal magazines.  I found this out when a publication reached out to me.  As if a wedding isn’t enough money?!

I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves a meaningful wedding.  So, when I was able to partner with Southern Weddings to share 9 Ways to have a Meaningful Wedding, my heart was full!  I got to tell a story about the details of my wedding and not just burden brides with financial inquiries of if or how they can afford this or that!  I was honored to share my story!


My sister headlined at Austin City Limits Festival this year along with Jay-Z, Solange, The XX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skepta, Tove Lo and so many more.  I’m always inspired to see her do her thing!  I also love Austin, TX!  It’s a fun, artsy place!  I recommend a music festival in your future for various reasons!  Check out my other blog to see why!



I could write an essay on this one, but it would be too long!  You’ve just got to see it!  I walked out of there with a new, more profound purpose.  I’m writing my own history book!  We all are.  The way we live our lives matters to generations beyond our reach.

Stay tuned to my blog in 2018 to read and see more of my stories!  I have plans to be featured in the National Museum of African American History and Culture Museum one day amongst my ancestors.  I wish my dad had lived a little bit longer!  I just know his work would’ve been in there!

Happy New Year! 


Jasmine Katrina-Hockett Sweet

P.S. to explore more great moments from my year, visit my blog home and spend some time reading!  I’m sharing stories of how I coped with my dad’s death to other brand partnerships to speaking engagements and more!  I’m proud to say that I’m an open book!

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