WlczVDHalloween is a day of scare and spontaneity so it’s no problem if you have not solidified your plans just yet. You still have time to join in on the “ghouls and gahs” of the season. Here are a few of my favorite tips, tools, and ideas to ensure you have the best Halloween yet!

1. Save your coins and make yourself a costume. If you have a black dress or a black suit, you’ve got a costume! Amazon has cheap costume accessories! Add these to a basic piece from your closet and you’re ready to go!

2. Invite some friends over and delegate spooky dishes for them to make and bring to your Spooky Potluck.  Here are a couple of recipes for you!  Perhaps even make these with your guests!

3.  Host an S’mores and barn fire gathering.  You can never go wrong telling scary stories by a campfire.  It sparks creative vibes, conversations and good laughs!

4. You can buy discounted candy after Halloween! Perhaps wait until after the day to indulge in the sweet and sour treats!  Halloween is on Tuesday!  You can find candy half price on the days thereafter.

5. Host a game night!  With all of the frights and fritters going on around us, you could always plan a night in with your favorite people and simply play Taboo, host a costume contest, or Uno.  Amazon has Boooo-opoly!

6. Consider doing some Halloween makeup instead of a mask! Mask can block you from visually seeing all of your surroundings. Here’s a YouTube tutorial to do some easy makeup! Buy now: (Halloween Makeup Ultimate Family Party Pack (36 PCS) including Liquid Latex, Fake Blood Gel Costume Makeup)

7. Host a spooky film night! Here are three of my favorite Halloween movies!

8.  Grab your little kids and dress up the dog or build a Halloween gingerbread house!

Lastly, stay safe! Glow in the dark sticks are always a fun way to stay enjoy the night but stay in the light!  I hope you have an awesome Halloween!

This post is hyperlinked so that you can order straight from Amazon! Have an awesome Halloween!  I’ll be having fun with this group! Meet my annual Halloween crew!



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