Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Kim Zolciak once produced a song with Kandi Burruss entitled “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.” For most us, we’d beg to differ. For culture’s sake, it means a lot! The history of the wedding ring may seem insignificant to some, but it is symbolic in its own right because of the commitment that it entails and the story that it elicits. You know if you see a ring on someone’s left hand that they belong somewhere! More than likely, there was some vivid details of how the ring got there whatever that narrative may be. That could easily range from: “I saved for years.” to “I knew she was the one.” to “I was so happy I couldn’t even remember what he said when he proposed.” to “My husband gave me his family heirloom.” It’s truly remarkable how something so small can carry so much meaning and in different ways.

I dated my husband for 7 years, and never wore rings until he proposed. Because of this, my ring is a proclaimed heirloom that I am certain I’ll pass down… When my parents got married, they didn’t have rings. My mom started wearing one in her later years of marriage. Now that my daddy gained his wings, she’s still wearing those pretty diamonds as if he’s still here. Her ring tells a story of widowed strength. It’s meaning was derived from more than 42 years of marriage. My grandmother wears my deceased grandfather’s ring on a platinum gold necklace that meets her heart. She could write a book about the love story they shared for over 56 years.

My ring represents the solitude of our commitment! I’d never had a real diamond ring before. Moreover, it was probably one of the most valuable purchases my husband had ever made. He put a lot of thought and financial resources into it. He, too, shares an enchanting story.

When I first got engaged, I’d walk right out of the house without it on. Sometimes, forgetfully, but sometimes I just didn’t wait to take it out of the box! It wasn’t that the ring didn’t mean anything to me, it was that it was so sacred to me that I didn’t want anything to happen to it. I’m notorious for losing special jewelry that my husband has gifted me. That includes a diamond tennis bracelet lost at the 2013 Kentucky Derby and a Tiffanys necklace somewhere in the historic streets of D.C. I didn’t want to lose my “ring story!”

It’s highly debatable what a ring should cost, what it should look like, where it should come from… when it should come… and so much more. I say let go of all the labels. If you can afford a fancy ring, then so be it, but there are other options. Diamonds and Silicone.  Enso Rings is a good option for continuing to write your story!

When I’m not wearing my diamonds, I am wearing the next best thing that still reminds me of my husband and our story every time I look at.

We both have the Copper rings which are symbolic to the Rose Gold on our real rings. We, also, both have the Black Pearl rings which are symbolic to our neutral tones of our wedding: black, white and rose gold! Then, I have the colorful stackables that remind me just how enthrallingly happy our story is. Some days, I can’t decide what’s the better wear. All I know is, I’m wearing a ring every day for the rest of my life. I need to constantly reminisce “The Real Sweets” story!

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