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Your wedding day… Say it with me… “Your wedding day” will be an unforgettable experience with all of the best details that you can tell about for the ages if you plan it according to all of your best memories. Remember, memories. For 48-hours, your life will be a blur, but adding meaning to each detail reminds you of how sweet life is. It reminds you just how sweet love is.

When I got engaged, I had no idea where to start. Wedding marketing seemed to all scream dollar signs, and I just wasn’t sure where to start. People kept telling me that my wedding day would be for other people, not my husband and I. I couldn’t fathom it. I couldn’t understand the notion. However, as avid entertainers, my husband and I had no problem sharing a little bit of the meaning of our life and love through the wedding details. We used our most prized memories to make our wedding mean something “sweet”. No pun intended, but we are the Sweets.

1. Our Wedding Location: Traditionally, Alex and I agreed that we should have the wedding in my hometown of Jackson, TN- the only major city between Nashville and Memphis. It seemed to be the perfect meeting grounds for our nuptials being that Alex is from Memphis and we now live in Nashville. It’s always a memorable road trip making our way across I-40 all the way to the home of the blues, Memphis. One day, this road trip memory will include kids and even funnier tales!

2. Our Preacher: The church we got married at was the church I’ve attended since I was born. My preacher, David Powell, not only married us but he baptized me at the age of 13. He’s led my family through some of the happiest and most dire times. When my father passed 6 months before my wedding, he led the service in the very same church. It was a comfort and a will of my dad to have him conduct our nuptials.


3. Our Reception Venue: Growing up, my sisters and I did pageants. My mom sewed our dresses and painted our faces with as little makeup as possible. Then, we met Mrs.Rita, a former Miss Tennessee. She also owned Crown Winery. When I started looking for appropriate venues, I said that’s it! It just made since. She’s like family! Finding a venue that you trust to bring it ALL together can be a challenge. Find someone you trust. Not to mention, Mrs.Rita’s husband passed a few short months before my daddy. Having this connection drew us even closer together. We imagined that her husband Peter and my daddy were in heaven having the best time as we partied below!

4. Our Bridal Party: Large party, small party. You do what’s best for you. Alex and I had a rather large party of friends that had been in our lives for no less that 7 years. Exchanging stories with this group was unforgettable! Childhood friends. College Friends. Family. It was true bliss to be surrounded by those who were rooting for us all the way to “I Do.” From the engagement party to the bachelor and bachelorette party, they were along for the ride and we are forever grateful! Choose wisely.

5. Our Wedding Stationery: I searched and searched for something different that had a feeling behind it. I didn’t want something that people were going to just put on their refrigerator. We chose Miss Design Berry‘s invitation suite because it created conversation and set the atmosphere for a dynamic day!



6. Our Photographer: Looking for a photographer can be a daunting task after you compare prices, check for availability and more. I found, John Sellers of Fernweh Fox in the small town of Martin, TN – the town that started my parents 42-year-marriage. Population 11k. He shoots photography all around the world! Don’t be afraid to find your vendor in a small town!

7. Our Catering, Cake and Candy Bar: On Sundays, my dad would always take us to Brooksie’s Barn for lunch after church. It never stopped. Not even when I started dating Alex 7 years ago. He went too! So, as a result, we wanted to make sure we shared this “home cooked” buffet with our 400+ guest. We wanted to invite them to our family tradition.

8. Finding Precious Moments: My mom and I have always greeted each other by rubbing noses since I was a baby. We’ve continued this tradition as adults. Not having my dad there to walk me down the aisle could’ve dampened my day, but seeing my mom there to greet me with our favorite pass time, brightened my day!


9. Our Entertainment: I come from a singing family! Our gatherings turn into concerts. It was a no-brainer that my celebrity sister “Valerie June” and my backup singing brothers take the stage for Alex and I’s first dance. It was a real treat for our guests as well!


10. Our Favors: My granddad owned a BBQ restaurant when my mom was growing up. As one of his employee’s she mastered his BBQ sauce recipe! Instead of wasting money on odd trinkets, we decided we’d have her whip up and bottle my late Grandfather’s sauce. Needless to say, it was hit!


The Sweet Wedding was definitely a meaningful wedding! My late daddy had his hands all over our day. This is a prime example why you should take your time and do your wedding the right way. Pass down traditions. Start new ones. Share memories so that your daughter and son can live by them! Happy Wedding Planning!

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