I can’t help, but to think about my sweet daddy’s face and laugh if he were here to see my wedding invitations.  This was, in fact, the reason I chose Miss Design Berry to provide an illustrious example of the aura of my special day!  From the moment I encountered Miss Design Berry, I knew I’d found the golden ticket for my big day!

I had gone through countless catalogs, magazines, blogs, Pinterest Posts, Etsy shops, Instagram pages and more in search of invitation stationary that told a story and had a persona as if my fiance and I were delivering the golden ticket to the front door of our special guest’s houses in true Cinderella style.  I wanted more than just a piece of paper that guests would throw away! I wanted a good “Daddy Emerson” laugh or a big smile to go along with it!

The invitation process is probably the least glamorous process of your ethereal vision for a wedding!  After hunkering down a reasonable guests list, you can’t help but think about the folks you wish you could’ve invited like your kindergarten teacher or your internship coordinator.  It’s inevitable to invite everyone that you’ve shared special moments with! The strife from the countless guest list revisions can be purely pestering! Maybe even so to the point where you’re like I don’t care what kind of invitation it is or who gets it! HA!

Miss Design Berry’s vision for their stationary is truly majestic in its approach.  It captures the essence of a couple through animation.  The simplicity of sending in your pictures and having a Miss Design Berry graphic designer bring your photos to life is all the more exciting!  Seeing my drafts for the first time made me imagine all the significant moments that I’m going to experience in just 2 more months! It makes me wish I could send an invitation to heaven just to hear my favorite angel-daddy laughing through time!  Yes, I just created a new word!  Perhaps, they should add it to the dictionary next year!

Nevertheless, countless one’s of my friends and family who received their Miss Design Berry Invitation’s snap chatted them,  shared them via text, and even called to exchange laughs and a few tears!  I think it’s safe to say that my mission as Bridechilla is accomplished! 46 days until I’m Mrs. Sweet! Thank you to the entire staff at Miss Design Berry for creating a grand introduction to my dream wedding day! BANG! I’m so excited to share even more in these coming days!

Learn more about Miss Design Berry, here.


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