Being interested in so many ventures can feel like a crime.  As you’re focusing on your priority whether that is family, a 9 to 5, school or anything else, your mind ventures to the things you’d love to be doing.

You’re simply trying to stay focused and your mind is fantasizing about starting all of these new business ventures.  You’re also processing how you can do all of these things at once.  Where are your resources?  You might even say to yourself “There’s not enough time in the day.”  You are already tired from the 24 hours you’ve just survived.  You might even give yourself a few doubtful words in the mix.  So as your mind makes this Venn diagram, all pros, and cons of these thoughts lead to inquiry.  It’s like you’re having a debate with yourself about what to do with all of these interests and aspirations.  What are you to do when you have obligations to family, a 9 to 5, school or anything else?  Is it even possible to start more than one business venture at the same time?

Most of us lead lives where we’ve learned how to multi-task.  Many of us have become so good at it that we can juggle whatever ball is thrown into the mix.  Doing all of these things fosters the idea of owning our interests.  Let’s face it unless you are an entrepreneur, most of our time is spent giving life to things we don’t necessarily own.

Some people get used to doing it day in and day out.  Others start wondering what if.  It can be something so simple as you’re eating BBQ sauce at a local family-owned restaurant and you recognize that the family has handed this recipe down for years.  Your family has done the same.  So, why can’t you?  You see your friend has started a successful clothing boutique so you say to yourself, “I have an interest in clothes.  I should open a boutique too.”  Before you know it, you’ve cooked up all kinds of businesses, but haven’t even turned on the oven.   So, here lies the answer to the title question: Should you start more than one business venture at the same time? Yes, if you can handle it. However, be warned that you may be thinking even harder than you were before.  Putting those thoughts into action will make them more gratifying.


First things first.  Write down what you want to do in a subject line on something that is accessible to you 24-7.  I use my notes section of my iPhone. I must have 2 million notes on my phone.  Then, create some bullet points from that. Maybe you need to contact some people.  Write them down.  Gather their contact information.  Maybe you need some money.  Write down your plan.  Second thing, your business venture ideas may lose their human capital if you share them too soon. It’s not about someone stealing your idea. It’s about you putting so many different business ideas out there that your fruition is weakened by others opinions.  Your credibility can become questionable as well.  “What’s she doing now”, people might ask.

It is important to follow-through in baby steps.  Working on multiple ventures at the same time may seem taxing, so perhaps designate a week to do this and a week to do that.  The days will continue coming for you to embark upon your passion.  You will see the fruits of your labor.  A botched job is no job at all.  It’ll send you back to square one trying to figure out which business venture you can elicit next.  Take you time and get all of those thoughts out in due time.

Lastly, continue living.  Make sure whatever business ventures you are seeking aligns with your lifestyle choices.  Is it enough revenue? If it makes you a little revenue, how will that affect you?  Do you like all aspects of the business from the customer care to the product to the stress of it? How can you incorporate it into home life, a 9-5 life or any other obligations?

This is a much deeper conversation than this blog has time to go, but what is causing this stir of business interest elsewhere?  Is it perhaps the lack of satisfaction of today’s work life?  Let’s talk more in the comments.  If you have further business tips, drop those as well.

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