Jay-Z’s lyrics are no real laughing matter. However, today is not about attacking Jay-Z. Let’s talk about these women who knew he was married to the one and only Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter and still inexplicably chose to partake in relations with somebody else’s husband. It’s not okay. Who are they and where can they be found? Better yet, lets dialogue 1:1. Who are you that you would find yourself respectfully and meritoriously entertaining someone’s else soulmate? Jay-z, in fact, had that part right. Husbands and wives are attached defiantly by the sultry and sanctified souls they were blessed with. Then there’s you, someone who was missing all the pieces to the puzzle, filling them in just as Beyonce said, “with half of her.”
At some point in our lives, we all lose a little bit of ourselves to someone who didn’t deserve us. I did at one point. I even dedicated Beyonce’s “Bday” to a period of my life that isn’t even worth the despicable discussion. Let’s just say “Irreplaceable” read him from one end of the cd cover to the next.
However, Lemonade was the true story that so many women have endured. It was an accurate and vivid depiction of relationship realities. It’s hard out here. Even for Beyonce. It’s even harder when the woman you least expect has no regard for the sacred union that you share with your significant other. No regard for the brokenness in children that infidelity presents. No regard for the empty home being formed through fornicating transgressions. No regard for the deceit.
We see remnants of this on various reality shows every day. We see it as a focal point of drama in countless movies. It has become a selling point for some shows. We’ve all heard countless times, in the entertainment industry, wives, fiances, and girlfriends should just understand what comes with the territory. Groupies. But what if you’re Beyonce? You’re honing and owning your best life and this still happens to you. You’ve given the best appetizer, entree and desert a girl can serve. Yet, you are still done over by a mistress. I have seen and counseled many women alike in my young age using Beyonce’s Lyrics. My friends can attest.


When I was younger, my best friend and I would even use the slogan “I can’t compete” to describe the girls we thought were a little too promiscuous. I acknowledge, wholeheartedly that these women with no remorse exist. I’ve worked with some and been friends with some. And yet, I still don’t get it. Why do we do this to each other? Where is the shame? Where is the regard?
I cannot tell you how many time’s as a newlywed, I was told what I “ought to be doing” to keep my man interested. I find it interesting that we women tell ourselves these contestable things. It’s literally fostering fear that if you don’t do x,y, and z, that your man is going to be doing a,b, and c. News flash. If he’s going to do it, he’s doing it no matter if you’re an A-lister or not. The note was taken, Jay-Z. Perhaps, the readily available women don’t help. Especially in coherence with a multitude of other factors.
People always say blame the man in the situation. Go after him. Don’t get mad at the girl. However, this blog is a mere notion of pointing out that it isn’t all his fault. Someone had to be there to participate. Let’s call her out. Let’s better understand why “Becky” seems to want to stick around despite knowing that a man is married, engaged or taken.
Nevertheless and despite all “side chicks”, I guess it’s great that Jay-Z is forthright and apologetic: two qualities that can take one far in any relationship. Preach and practice folks. It may save us all the stress and strife of these situations.
P.S., hello again, “Becky”, take notes from Jay-Z: “We all lose when the family feuds.” Oh, and: “Let me alone, Becky, A man that don’t take care his family can’t be rich.”This blog is featured on Huffington Post as well.

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