Ladies, stop mentally and physically manipulating your body into shapes and sizes it was not meant to take.  There’s a phenomenon going on that everyone should have hips, a butt, and breast and no waist at all… Whereas, the legendary body type phenomenon excluded three of those requirements:  no hips, no butt, or no breast.  These are just the shoulder down stipulations. There’s also a movement to reshape faces: enlarging lips and more, but I’m here to tell you, your face and your body are a movement in and of themselves, fit for an awesome woman like yourself to be DIFFERENT.

I sat at a table with my sorority sisters recently, and we really delved into the things we wish we could change about our bodies.  This incident of body-shaming is just one of many occurrences that I’ve sat in on with multiple women.  I’ve heard it all:

“I don’t like to look in the mirror.”
“I want smaller boobs.”
“I don’t want to be fat.”
“I wish I didn’t have cellulite.”
“I wish I didn’t have stretch marks.”

I’ve heard it all, but rarely do I hear, “I love this body, and I just want to be healthy.”  If we were all scientists, we’d probably feel pretty good about the fact that our bodies do more unimaginable, impeccable things for us than just look good, or mentally play tricks on us.  Here’s a list to name a few:  Create Life, Make Food (MILK), Survive.  Fancy yourself with more here!

Lady reading this blog, you are beautiful inside and out.  Add a positive outlook that equation and you are the perfect solution to any scenario.

Break Stereotypes and be who you are in the body you have.  Check out this story about Jessamyn, a curvy girl transcending body image stereotypes in the Yoga  world:

We need to stop comparing ourselves to things and people incomparable.

So, today is the day to celebrate bodies! The next time you find yourself having a body image breakdown, remind yourself that you are DIFFERENT, and everything about that is okay!

P.S. there will be more body image post to follow! If you’d like to share your story or your journey, I’d love to feature you on my blog!   Double P.S. this is not a post to shame any woman who has altered your body through plastic surgery.  Consider yourself blessed as well!  You are no less of a woman!

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