One of my health mottos is, “Help your body get prepared to fight.” I believe that when you nurture on the front end, you’ll be more equipped to handle anything that may come your way. That’s why I take vitamins, but additionally, Garden of Life mykind Organics Elderberry Immune Gummies†. Elderberry is a natural ingredient that can help your body fight off cold and flu symptoms†, and in our current climate, we may face more than just that. I want to be prepared.  

Plus, I deal with sinus issues year-round. Most of the time, I’m in good standing as long as I follow a regimented health routine of working out, good nutrition, and standard vitamins. I incorporate different techniques such as nasal rinses, hot tea, steam showers, and other remedies to feel my best when my sinuses are under attack.  

However, I’m glad that Garden of Life has rolled out their latest Elderberry product, mykind Elderberry Cough and Mucus Adult. That “yucky stuff” has got to go in my book, and this syrup helps to do just that -dislodge mucus.† From my ears to my noes to my chest, sometimes, I need an extra boost to get it all moving. One serving of this includes organic elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C from organic acerola cherry. Garden of Life creates the syrup using USDA Organic, Non-GMO ingredients. It’s also sugar-free, which is excellent because sugar can cause inflammation and increase mucus production.

After doing some research through the National Institute of Health, I found it interesting that not all mucus is terrible. However, if you’re dealing with a cold, you may want to pay special attention to the mucus’s consistency and color.  

“Mucus is very important for filtering out materials that you breathe in through your nose, such as dust and allergens and microorganisms,” says Dr. Andrew Lane, an ear, nose, and throat expert at Johns Hopkins University. “Anything that you breathe in gets stuck in the mucus, like flypaper.”

“You usually only notice mucus when you’re making too much of it. Or if it changes consistency.

An infection can make mucus thicker and stickier. Infections also lead to inflammation in the mucous membranes that line the nose and the rest of your airway. This can cause certain airway glands to make more mucus. That mucus can get thick with bacteria and cells that arrive to fight the infection. That can stimulate even more mucus production.”

As you can see from the statement above, your body is in the business of protecting you with mucus production, but you may need a little extra help getting the mucus to get going. While medicine may still be needed, I’d say this is an excellent option to alleviate symptoms you may face. Not to mention, this immune syrup† comes in both Adult and Kids versions.

You may also check out mykind Elderberry and Sleep Adult. While you’re getting rid of the crud, you deserve a great night of rest.  

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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